Wednesday, November 25, 2009


* My new bed arrived today, along with the lamps. It looks even better than I'd imagined against my gorgeous Red Alert wall.

* Darcy stood on my footise today, and boy, is it sore. I don't know if my second littlest toe is broken, but it sure is painful.

* I'm driving down to Nan's tomorrow to make our annual Christmas pudding. We use the same bowl each year, one she's had since before my mother was born. I could never have the same sort of tradition; I'm far too clumsy.

* I went to the Mornington Market today in order to get some Chrissie presents, but ended up getting two new prints framed for the kitchen, a hand-made card for Boo and some pigs ears for the dogs. Hmmm.

* Cam's uncle is having a big birthday party this weekend, but I'm not so sure I'm going. It's in the back of beyond; things have been a bit tense since my outburst of insanity a few weekends back in front of his sister and well, there's a big display of Christmas lights being turned on in our local area. I'm considering inviting mum up for a girls afternoon followed by The Festival Of Lights, but I know that won't go down so well.

* I made an absolutely scrumptious pasta bake for dinner tonight - it was like a traffic light with the vege choices I threw in - then I went and wrecked all the goodness with an inch thick layering of cheese.

* The last few minutes of A Simple Wish was on whilst we put the bed together, and it reminded me of watching it years ago - that was the movie that first got me hooked on visiting Central Park.

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