Monday, November 30, 2009

It Starts With.Us

I received an email this morning from Twenty Something Bloggers, a group I belong to. I usually save those emails for later, but something made me open it up today. And I'm glad I did.

20SB are promoting a company they are working with, named It Starts With.Us and sent me a letter outlining what sort of things they do - and I was blown away. Basically, It Starts With.Us are promoting the idea that 'each and every one of us can change the world by touching the lives of people around us', otherwise known as 'decreasing worldsuck'. I love that - 'worldsuck'. Reading through their blog and missions, it actually sounds like a great idea with minimal pressure - it's about doing something (like suggestions they outline in their forums etc) for someone else that you may already be doing, such as helping prepare a meal for someone who's experiencing ill health, or just produced a small human being, and so on and so forth - basic, kind ideas that promote good karma, and as stated on their home page - when we hear more about the positive things others are doing, we become more aware of the opportunities we have to make a difference for the people in our own lives.

Simple but brilliant, no? The world always needs more love, and love breeds goods things (and not just the small human beings). I've signed up immediately, after moments before sending the gorgeous Boo an unhappy email regarding the state of some people in my life right now. I figure this is my way of bringing back a little happiness, and if I can do that to someone elses life, I might feel better about my own.

Take some time, peruse the website and blog, and think about it. It sure is a feel good factor knowing those emails will be arriving in my inbox giving me ideas about being a better person, and making the world a little better for someone else via an action most would take for granted.

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