Thursday, November 26, 2009

Storms, popcorn and puppy love.

I didn't believe this news article was real to begin with, but after reading a few lines and thinking about the lengths I would go to to get my puppies back, I thought I would share the love.

On a sidenote - I've had a brilliant day cooking up a storm with my Nan, chatting for hours with my mum (and getting a few early Christmas presents!) and will be completed with spending my night watching my dream man Robbie Williams on the ARIA Awards (I plan on muting it for just about everything other than Kate Miller-Heidke and him).

It's been crazy weather today - stormy, disgustingly muggy and sunny, then back to some super loud and electric storms on the way back home. I'm hoping it cools down soon so I can nom on some popcorn.

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