Saturday, October 31, 2009

I heart lolcats.

And NaBloPoMo!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stuff and things and stuff...

It feels like forever since I last blogged - probably because it has been. Things are fabulous, as well as all the fun things I've done lately I've been busy trying to organize school next year, as well as our fantastic European holiday in July where I get to be bridesmaid for my gorgeous friend Bex wedding! There's no final details yet, but London, Paris and Spain are all on the agenda.

Cam and I had a great time at the races last weekend, and have the Mornington Cup on Sunday, the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday and Oaks Day on Thursday this coming week - yay! I love getting dressed up and watching the ponies, and naturally having a little competition for who can back the winner the most between CMac and I.

The dogs are both well, and love being so close to the beach and having a quarter acre block to play in (and destroy). Sahara *touch wood* seems very strong, and we had a lovely long walk down the beach with Mum on Tuesday. I love my new car, and being able to fit the dogs in the back of the Jeep to take back home with me. I just need to get the right tool to get the damn roof off, and hope the weather stays good enough to leave it off.

Last Sunday, we* were quite busy in the garden, transplanting the plants from the front garden to around the pool, and putting in a pond that the next door neighbour gave us. (*by which I mean Cameron did the hard work and I layed in the sun and gave him handy directions such as "another inch to the left...nope, back again" when trying to plant the shrubs in the right spot). We've got big plans for the back garden, which we're keen to get started on once we're rolling in money and haven't got every weekend devoted to putting on a frock and gambling whilst drinking lethal amounts of punch. Ahhh, Spring Carnival!

We're both loving the house, and the views from the top of the hill. I took Cam for a picnic last week, which was delightful until Phoenix devoured a stomach full of sticky grass and proceeded to ruin the atmosphere by vomiting profusely for the next half an hour. Still, it was the thought that counts.

We've both been spending a lot of time with the horses, and I've been giving Cam a few lessons on Altibo. I find it works wonders being able to actually yell at him ("I will NOT tell you again; hold your reins PROPERLY!") without having a fight, and it's great sharing something I'm so passionate about. The boys both look after him very well, and until Darcy got himself stuck in a wire fence and cut half his back legs off last night, both are doing great.

(Altibo's previous owner gave me this photo of him from when she got him in 2007. He was badly treated by his trainer when he was racing, and I'm so glad he's a such a big, healthy and happy boy now).

All in all, things are great! I made a decision not to go to New Zealand with Cam over Christmas, as we're flying off to Borneo less than a week later and would miss out on my time with my family, so I'm a bit sad we'll be apart for our first proper Christmas. However, I'm looking forward to relaxing with Mum and Nan and the dogs, and enjoying the time we have together. I've actually considered getting another tent and sleeping out like I did last year, instead of trying to cram myself and Sahara into my old single bed in my room (lets face it - she's not going to take no for an answer. She's already plotting someones death for not letting her in bed with us every night...)

I have every intention of re-doing my blog and keeping it more update from now on, but for now, I think that's about it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


After a day at the races (well, two days at the races...) and an afternoon spent at the Wedding Expo, we're chilling out on the roof watching the sunset over the water with Mojito's from the fresh basil in our vege garden and a Barramundi and mango salad... could life be any better?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is where we are staying in Kuala Lumpur...

...and then we move on to Borneo, where we are staying here (well, the hotel in which this breathtakingly beautiful pool is situated).
I may have already purchased a bikini and am currently down loading the perfect Summer themed playlist for the flight.
Excited? Moi?

Just a little!

Don't Let Me Down

This is currently my absolute favorite song.

I was going to add the film clip, then decided not to as it was kind of repulsive. Then I realized that, in fact, this is not far from everything I want for myself when I'm a cougar - gold gilt chairs, vaguely attractive guys throwing money at me, and having lots of fabulous girlfriends. I can't decide which one I'll be, though - the one drinking champagne with a straw, or the vixen smacking a riding crop against herself. A little from column A, a little from column B, I fear.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My handsome boys.

My boys moved in together today.(I'm sure I'll be hearing all sorts of complaints about their wild and raucous parties they'll throw in order to get the pretty mare from the paddock next doors attention). This was taken today, when they met each other. See? Instant buddies.

Meanwhile, I have discovered the online website for the British 'everything equine' catalogues I would rush to the letter box for every season in England, and I. Am. Hooked.
Heaven on earth, otherwise known as Robinsons (or 'My Horses Are Ridiculously Spoiled).
I'm going to have sore eyes, and a sore bank account, tonight.

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