Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo Fun

I found this little game via Single + Cats = Sad, and thought twas worth a giggle.

You have to type the answer to each question into Google Search, and choose a photograph representing it from the first page of answers. Hurrah!

{I also plan on doing this for my dogs, so check A Blog By Thy Dog and see the hilariousity of their answers, too}.
Here goes...

1. Age at next birthday: 22. Still in that 'too young to be taken seriously, yet too old to not know what is wanted from life' bracket.

2. Place I would like to travel: Fiji. I'm going there next year...

but I can't wait to go anywhere with one of these. I do love me a moose.

3. My Favorite place: Anywhere involving a horse or the beach. Except I generally don't wear jeans in the water.

4.My favorite objects: Cocktail. If that's considered an object. If not, the usual. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

5.My favorite food: TGI Friday's. *drool*

6. My favorite color: Pink. Only recently, since I discovered dresses and make up.

7.My nickname: It certainly wasn't Pink Power Ranger.

8.The place I was born: Inverloch. (well, obviously it was in a hospital somewhere, but this is the place I grew up and call home).

...phew!! That took a trifle longer than expected.

Your turn!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There's a world outside your window...

As I slobbed around the house this morning trying to put off cleaning the bathroom just a little longer, it dawned on me. This is what I crave for the other 10 months of the year - waking up to bright sunshine, crawling from bed and knowing I'm going to combine my 3 favorite things very shortly - shopping, receiving presents, and spending Christmas on the beach.
So to get myself slightly more in the mood, I downloaded some more Christmas carols to add to my shocking collection, and as I debated which warpping paper best suited my cousins alcoholic chocolates, I pondered which was the worst of the lot - Dolly Parton & Garth Brookes with Silver Bells, Alvin and the Chipmunks with the 12 Days of Christmas, or whatever it was the Muppets were 'singing'. They were woeful.
And due to the fact I continue to re-open my thumb every time I attempt using the sticky tape, I've been using my elbows/toes/Phoenix to hold down the bits of paper I need before working out how to get the tape off the reel. It's been quite good exercise.

It's fair to say I'm getting quite excited for Christmas Day. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the arrival of my new family member. I know I've not had a lot of luck with my pets lately, but the house seems so empty and I miss having someone else to look after. So my kitten is due any day. It's the illegitimate child of Seah's friends cat, and if her Grandmother doesn't choose the kitty I want, she has a gorgeous little beauty mark on her face, and I shall name her Cindi Crawford. Adorable, no? I'm just a little concerned this make occur:

Well, the time has come to purchase some more tinsel and wrap everything I can find in it, and perhaps find some recipes for eggnog. Only 26 days to go!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just for shits and giggles.

I found this super fun, although slightly infuriating.
I donated 1520 grains of rice. I rock.

I also had a play with a Carbon Counter, to see just how big my footprint is. I couldn't find an Australia version, so I just stated I was from Delaware. The name makes me think of pompous, golf sweater wearing men with comb overs. Or Tupperware.

It said my yearly emission was 19.71, which I'm sure isn't remotely accurate - it didn't ask how long I dry my hair for, if I use my remote control for the TV much, or how often I fart. Surely they are key elements to estimating my emissions?

I then had an interesting conversation with Santa. I shit you not.

The Favorite Quotes on Overheard In New York just kill me. Occasionally get a snort of laughter from Passive Aggressive Notes, too.

...And now time to fold the washing.

Monday, November 26, 2007


My cut thumb went kinda black and horrid this morning. So I went to the doctors. Got washed out, stuck back together, and told not to get it went for 3 days. Phoenix is totally mesmerized by the smell of the stuff they put on it, and as you can see, thinks it's damn tasty. So much for keeping it dry.

I don't worry 'cos everything's gonna be alright

I'm too lazy to blog properly. Here's a few key things that have happened lately.

* I spent Friday with A, and had a shopping spree and ended up at the Lion in Melbourne Central in an Alba Fan Club dress, which was 2 sizes larger than I normally buy. I'd like to think this is a one off.

* I was surrounded by 14 year old thugs with blades calling me nasty names because they wanted a cigarette. This is the second time in a week I've had groups of boys get their knives out in the city. I'd like to blame this one on not being allowed to smoke indoors - I'm forced onto the street with no Security at 2 am to have a cigarette. I realize I should quit. But in the meantime, I don't want to get stabbed.

* Speaking of stabbed. I sliced half my thumb off when I was making a curry last night. I was strangely screwed up by it - it's the first time I ever recall the feeling of the ground rushing to meet me without the aid of a horse or alcohol. I then vomited. Then I cried. I am such a child.

* I went to the Pet & Pony Expo on Sunday with the Chef, Seah & Tezz. Yep, this means I'm talking to my dogs again. I had an OK time, but things are still strained with the Chef.
I'm still looking for my own place, and instead of placing emphasis on our relationship or lack thereof right now, I'm concentrating on getting my own life together if things don't work out, which is how it's looking right now.

* I'm craving spending some time down in the country, and getting away for a bit. I miss my Mum, I miss the beach, and I miss freedom. There's only 28 days til Christmas, and the excitement just isn't there, due to our shitty financial status and our fucking up relationship status. I want to go make Sandmen (an Aussie variation of Snowmen) with my mum and squeeze all my presents. Basically, I want to act like a small, molly coddled child again.

* I am totally in love with this song right now. I'm not usually a huge fan of screaming women vocalists, but something just clicks for me with this track.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wish I could turn back the hands of time

My dogs killed my rabbit last night. She'd gotten out earlier in the day, and although happy hopping around on my deck, was soon put back and her hutch fixed. I even went out with my aching back in the pouring rain to double check, and give her a pat for being so clever. A few hours later, I heard Sahara bark, and knew they'd gotten her.

I feel like turning myself in to the RSPCA. I bought her home to give her a better life, and yet I've done nothing but aide her butchering. I am so upset with my dogs; although I know it's human (well, doggy) nature for them to want to play and hunt rabbits. I don't know which they were doing. The poor girl.

- - - -R.I.P- V i n d a l o o - - -

Sahara's modeling has been canceled, and I'm yet to want either near me, and now I feel like I'm neglecting them. I can't even walk them - I somehow managed to hurt my back yesterday afternoon, and since then I have had trouble sitting down and walking. Basically, I'm in agony, but I desperately need to work tomorrow to get some cash. I just don't think lifting 35kg boxes and bending over all day will be doing me any good. *sigh*

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Remembering Ruby

My dogs truly bring all types of good things (minus the fleas) - today I received a wonderful book in the mail from a lovely woman named Melisa Wells, all the way from the U S of A.
She somehow stumbled across my Dogger Bloggy, left me a nice comment, and since then I've been following her process of publishing and promoting her book, Remembering Ruby - For Families Living Beyond The Loss Of A Pet.
The photo were gorgeous, the story; although terribly sad, really was brilliant in tying in relevant information and not being too overwhelming for children. Having said that, it would be a great guide for children of any age - and parents needing a little guidance and advice.

Yep, I'll never be a book reviewer. But in all seriousness, check out Melisa's Remembering Ruby journey here, and then go order yourself a copy.

Monday, November 19, 2007 words, just giggles and wiggles. other news, I'm still feeling like shite from my weekend. I'm getting too old for this kind of thing.

I went to an engagement party, and took advantage of the free champagne. And wine. And then the really cheap scotch. Not a particularly good combination, once the cake was added. The highlight of the evening was the disturbing bathroom facilities - the party was being held at a local lawn bowls club, and instead of 'If it's not on, it's not on" and general STD awareness signs on the back of the cubicle walls, there was "free breast screening for over 55's". As I was searching for an extra roll of paper, I became aware of the lacy net curtains running around the perimiter of the room - then realized the 2nd roll of loo paper was artfully sewn into said curtains. There was then a 'powder room' with vast floral arrangements and white wicker chairs covered in white lace doilies. It's strange seeing how other people live.

By the time I made it home it was time to get up - I was off to my Grandmothers to make Christmas Puddings and various other tasty delights. All was well (after several cups of tea, some NoDoze and a lot of ginger biscuits) until she poured brandy in my mixing bowl. The smell of fermented five buck chuck did nothing to ease my stomach, but I still managed to consume vast amounts of pavlova, chocolate bavarian and custard tart. Drool.

I was going to add photographic evidence of my drunken decline throughout the evening, but they're just too embarrassing. I tend to lean a lot the more I drink, and then I start squinting in an attempt to prove I'm not tipsy. Not hot.

So here is one of the start of the night, when I was only a few champer's in - and totally happy because I am so deeply in love with this song right now, and got to listen to it pumping thru A's new stereo in the car on the way there. I'm such a bogan.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

if only...

This morning I hopped off the train early, as 3 thugs with knives sat next to me. Luckily I still made it to the city early, and managed to sit next to a stunning Canadian guy, enjoying my Light Iced Caramel Macciato, and sat watching Santa terrify small children. I'm now sat eating nachos with my mum, watching the ice hockey on fox at Australia Arcade. Life rocks. - sent from my hiptop3

Don't carry nothin' that can be a load

I have returned!
Yes, I actually went camping in my Mother's back yard. And it wasn't as geeky as I suspected. I spent hours talking and giggling with mum, drinking numerous cups of tea and eating her entire chocolate biscuit collection, and watching silly T.V in between walking the dogs and checking out some real estate near her. We had a slightly abusive and threatening letter from our landlord on the way down, which put a bit of a dampner on our trip, but we used it to our advantage and looked at some truly revolting houses. It seems 'renovated' means the kitchen cupboards don't meet, or the floor's on a slant and there's writing all over the walls. "Fully fenced" meant a strip of barbed wire going around the solitary house in a cow field, and "established gardens" actually refers to the mosquito larva infested pond surrounded by waist high grass.

Still, I had a good time, and it makes me realize how much I miss being close to my family.

^ An extremely unexciting video of my local beach.

And today I'm busy dealing with estate agents, faxing off house applications and heading into the city to meet mum for a coffee. We obviously need to meet the day after I leave to dissect my trip and every conversation all over again. And it's an excuse for a Venti Gingerbread Frappucinno with Whip. I love Christmas (& Starbucks).

It's a gorgeous day, and I'm having a massive laundry crisis. I finally received the shorts & dress I bought from eBay 5 months ago, and they're both hideous. Although I have the shorts in jeans, I managed to buy them in a size too big. Always the way. So they're on my 'mending' pile and I'll sometime in the future turn them into a masterpiece.

Bunnykins is still without a name, and still eating at an alarming rate.'s the finale of So You Think You Can Dance tonight! {Hence my song choice for today!} How excitement!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

My (new) girl wants to party all the time.

I have a little bit to update.
Firstly, I love Christmas. Absolutely freaking adore it. So I can't help but share my excitement, which in turn leads me to this photo. My fireplace looks so merry, even if Santa may have trouble getting down it with it being blocked and all.

Secondly...I started my first day at my new job this morning. Well, practically in the middle of the night. I worked with a charming young lady named Shazza, who vomited profusely all morning.
Still, it wasn't as bad as I had feared, and I got paid to do a whole lot of nothing really.

And, I realize I've got a bit of a "Saving the World One Pet at a Time" thing going on, but I honestly didn't mean to end my first shift by bringing home another pet. I'm just sort of a magnet to these sorts of things. And the lady needed to get rid of her before tomorrow morning, so of course I said she could come home with me...the rabbit, not the lady.

She's happily ensconsed in my back bathroom until I get her hutch home tomorrow, and is busily eating her way through my entire stock of carrots and some corn flakes. If her appetite is anything to do by, she's clearly not too stressed by her move.

And, of course, she needs a name. Suggestions, people?
I've had a look at a few 'names for bunnies' websites, and there's some shockers, from Rabitus the Hoppitus the Furry the Fourth (what a mouthful!) to Floppy Puff Puff.
I'm thinking something like Domino, as she's steel grey and white, or maybe something a bit gay like Armani or Jazz.

Please note: She is far more adorable in 'real life'. The photos totally don't do her justice - she's got a whole heap of cute little dots on her back, and is incredibly soft (except her claws).

{UPDATE: There's a little poll thingy on the left hand side where you can register votes if you're too lazy to comment or give me something original!}

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's a sure fire way to ruin my day

I'm running hideously late. I'd promised a friend I would go watch some sort of charity soccer match they're in today, clearly forgetting Seah's Engagement & Housewarming party last night. Hello, hangover.

So I struggled out of bed, and have made it as far as my little Mac under the guise of uploading more songs to my iPod. I figure I'll be needing some entertainment to keep me alive through the whole ninety minutes in my current state.

Then I thought I'd called said friend, and see if he'd like me to take his dog along with mine, and we can have a little puppy play date on the sidelines for a few minutes while he's playing. He said he thought it would too much of a long day in the heat for her, and I mentioned I was bringing my two, as I was sure they could handle an hour or two in the sun with lots of interesting people to drool on and flirt with. Then the bombshell hit.

I swear he didn't tell me it was a Round Robin when I promised to go. There's no way I would offer to get up early so I could watch sweaty men running around a field showing immense skill and passion for 12 hours...

Weeeeell.....maybe just 10.

But still. I had visions of quietly nursing my visit from the Hangover Fairy with a good book, some big sunglasses and a nice bottle of freshly squeezed juice, then drowning my sorrows (and possibly myself) in the ocean this afternoon, after a nice brunch in a water front cafe. Is that too much to ask?

I'm looking on the bright side. There will be lots of time to contemplate my Hollywood costume, read a good book, roast myself nicely on the hood of my car and slowly evolve back to a fully functioning human being. Check out my updated post below for images of the place I'm going to be rocking my Celebrity sexyness at.

{I'm sure it's true Kava doesn't give you a headache. I think it was swilling it down with Vodka and Bourbon mixed together that wasn't the brilliant idea}.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Baby, you can touch my knob for free...

{Those lyrics may not be 100% accurate, but you win some; you lose some}.

Now to business...

I've been invited to a party. Stop the press! The only slightly disturbing part is the theme.


It's a corporate Christmas break up, and is taking place in the most amazingly beautiful restaurant I have ever seen. This causes a problem.

I don't know how to achieve classy. I can do slippers & sweat pants. I jokingly said I would go as Paris Hilton or some type of Playboy Bunny, as this cancels out the problem of having to find something to wear. My only suggestions so far have been to turn up as Dolly Parton. Or a Hobbit.

{Ok, so I couldn't get any decent images.}

So, I'm open to options.

...ideas anyone?


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Right beneath the sign with the dusty yellow stars

It's kind of sad that my mother thinks I am so 'grown up' she's downsized her home. It's not that I'm not happy she's enjoying her new home, it's more selfish than that. I miss having a place to run away to when I need some comfort, home cooked food and a good giggle over silly things only her and I understand.
I've kind of been upset by this for a while - I feel kind of neglected, to be honest - so I'm taking matters into my own hands.

If she thinks I'm so independent now, I'll just have to show I really am. Instead of packing my car with a spare pair of knickers and a few good books, I'm going to stuff my car with portable chairs, packets of noodles and a sleeping bag. No more going home to my stuffed toys, David Beckham posters & my single bed.

I'm going camping. Mum's back garden.

{And yes, that really is my local beach. See why I miss living there so much?}

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

All the handsome men are gay...

I had a job interview today. I say interview, but basically it was an induction and a chance to meet the head boss, as I'd pretty much been told I had the job. Although I think the job is a bit crap because a) it's for the same company the Chef works for, b) I have to wear man made fibre uniform and c) drive a hideous little van and pack peoples possessions, it's fairly decent pay and I think I get the chance to boss grown men around. Wicked.

Generally when I go for interviews, I get wildly excited at getting the chance to dress up, and, lets face it, act like a show pony. So I was a little nervous about heading to an early morning meeting with the boss in a company that only employs one other female, who is apparently a bit of a bush pig. What does one wear? Are heels going to be a bit much? If I wear too short a skirt, will I flash everyone when going up stairs? How shallow can I be? In the end I opted for my second favorite 'feel good' outfit. My usual ego booster is a cute little black button down dress, with bright red belt for that burst of energy. But today I was feeling a little blue, hence the shirt choice. I think it went down well, although I accidentally implied I receive money for taking my top off in public. I tend to babble a lot when nervous. Heck, who am I kidding, I'm always tripping over my tongue.

Here I am, emphasizing my usual lack of concentration (there was an insect on the wall).
And I thought I'd ad the one on the left, simply because I look like I have ManBoobs.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

I was just on the phone to the Chef, placing my order for disgustingly fatty take out as an afternoon snack. You'd really think with his cooking capabilities I'd eat decent food, alas, I get sick of waiting several hours for him to fart around in the kitchen preparing a masterpiece.

But I digress.

As I was procrastinating over my menu choice, my pretty new necklace someone how became lodged. In my Mac. In that tiny little hole that clips the bugger shut. See? I nearly garotted myself with the bloody thing when I hung up.

How do I get myself into these situations? How? Why?

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I've got wheels of polished steel

Yep. It's official. I can talk a lot of crap. Hence taking part in NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month. Basically, I'm posting even more dellusional rants about nothing on more than one site! How excitement.

P.S Excuse my bitterness. I have a large green monster on my back today, poking me re: friends meeting dashing new men and jet setting around the globe, or generally picking up roots and gallavanting around the world.

*sobs quietly into her nearly expired passport*

Perhaps I can consider selling the signed copy of Maykbe Diva I received yesterday, and bugger off somewhere exotic and pretend to be a kept woman, slobbing by the poolside drinking curiously colored cocktails and reading trashy holiday romances.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Moon My Man

Oh. My Gosh.

The Chef just called to tell me he was working for a jockey today.

I'd just stumbled from my bed, and wasn't altogether excited by this news - until I heard his name. Oh my fuck and arse. I'm sure I'll be slapped with some sort of lawsuit for putting his name in my blog, so for safety sake I shant. But he was the guy who rode Fields of Omagh to victory in the Cox Plate twice. The man spurred Helenus to glory in the Darby last year. The list goes on. I told Chef to either get his

boobs signed by him, or steal me something from his house I can sell on eBay and make my fortune from. He declined both offers.

What's wrong with men?

UPDATE: He produced a photograph of himself riding Makybe Diva, signed it 'To Katie - All the Best! - - - - - (remember that law suit?!) and gave it to Chef for me, which I then framed immediately and hung above my bed.

(Here is a photo of me with 2007 Cup Winner Might and Power. He was in the same paddock as Fields of Omagh. I even have a connection with his horse).

Now playing: Feist - My Moon My Man

I heart Taco Bill.

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