Monday, November 19, 2007 words, just giggles and wiggles. other news, I'm still feeling like shite from my weekend. I'm getting too old for this kind of thing.

I went to an engagement party, and took advantage of the free champagne. And wine. And then the really cheap scotch. Not a particularly good combination, once the cake was added. The highlight of the evening was the disturbing bathroom facilities - the party was being held at a local lawn bowls club, and instead of 'If it's not on, it's not on" and general STD awareness signs on the back of the cubicle walls, there was "free breast screening for over 55's". As I was searching for an extra roll of paper, I became aware of the lacy net curtains running around the perimiter of the room - then realized the 2nd roll of loo paper was artfully sewn into said curtains. There was then a 'powder room' with vast floral arrangements and white wicker chairs covered in white lace doilies. It's strange seeing how other people live.

By the time I made it home it was time to get up - I was off to my Grandmothers to make Christmas Puddings and various other tasty delights. All was well (after several cups of tea, some NoDoze and a lot of ginger biscuits) until she poured brandy in my mixing bowl. The smell of fermented five buck chuck did nothing to ease my stomach, but I still managed to consume vast amounts of pavlova, chocolate bavarian and custard tart. Drool.

I was going to add photographic evidence of my drunken decline throughout the evening, but they're just too embarrassing. I tend to lean a lot the more I drink, and then I start squinting in an attempt to prove I'm not tipsy. Not hot.

So here is one of the start of the night, when I was only a few champer's in - and totally happy because I am so deeply in love with this song right now, and got to listen to it pumping thru A's new stereo in the car on the way there. I'm such a bogan.

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