Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Moon My Man

Oh. My Gosh.

The Chef just called to tell me he was working for a jockey today.

I'd just stumbled from my bed, and wasn't altogether excited by this news - until I heard his name. Oh my fuck and arse. I'm sure I'll be slapped with some sort of lawsuit for putting his name in my blog, so for safety sake I shant. But he was the guy who rode Fields of Omagh to victory in the Cox Plate twice. The man spurred Helenus to glory in the Darby last year. The list goes on. I told Chef to either get his

boobs signed by him, or steal me something from his house I can sell on eBay and make my fortune from. He declined both offers.

What's wrong with men?

UPDATE: He produced a photograph of himself riding Makybe Diva, signed it 'To Katie - All the Best! - - - - - (remember that law suit?!) and gave it to Chef for me, which I then framed immediately and hung above my bed.

(Here is a photo of me with 2007 Cup Winner Might and Power. He was in the same paddock as Fields of Omagh. I even have a connection with his horse).

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