Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just for shits and giggles.

I found this super fun, although slightly infuriating.
I donated 1520 grains of rice. I rock.

I also had a play with a Carbon Counter, to see just how big my footprint is. I couldn't find an Australia version, so I just stated I was from Delaware. The name makes me think of pompous, golf sweater wearing men with comb overs. Or Tupperware.

It said my yearly emission was 19.71, which I'm sure isn't remotely accurate - it didn't ask how long I dry my hair for, if I use my remote control for the TV much, or how often I fart. Surely they are key elements to estimating my emissions?

I then had an interesting conversation with Santa. I shit you not.

The Favorite Quotes on Overheard In New York just kill me. Occasionally get a snort of laughter from Passive Aggressive Notes, too.

...And now time to fold the washing.


Melisa said...

That rice thing was fun, but I only got to 250 grains. How long did you sit there and do that for? I will go back later when I have more time. :)

Jules said...

Overheard in New York has been one of my favorite websites for awhile now. It never fails to make me laugh out loud!
House of Jules

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