Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo Fun

I found this little game via Single + Cats = Sad, and thought twas worth a giggle.

You have to type the answer to each question into Google Search, and choose a photograph representing it from the first page of answers. Hurrah!

{I also plan on doing this for my dogs, so check A Blog By Thy Dog and see the hilariousity of their answers, too}.
Here goes...

1. Age at next birthday: 22. Still in that 'too young to be taken seriously, yet too old to not know what is wanted from life' bracket.

2. Place I would like to travel: Fiji. I'm going there next year...

but I can't wait to go anywhere with one of these. I do love me a moose.

3. My Favorite place: Anywhere involving a horse or the beach. Except I generally don't wear jeans in the water.

4.My favorite objects: Cocktail. If that's considered an object. If not, the usual. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

5.My favorite food: TGI Friday's. *drool*

6. My favorite color: Pink. Only recently, since I discovered dresses and make up.

7.My nickname: It certainly wasn't Pink Power Ranger.

8.The place I was born: Inverloch. (well, obviously it was in a hospital somewhere, but this is the place I grew up and call home).

...phew!! That took a trifle longer than expected.

Your turn!

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1 comment:

Kat said...

That is really neat. Since we're both Kat's we must both be pink Powerrangers *lol*

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