Monday, January 4, 2010

NYE & Brog

While Cam's taking the kids out for their walkies - I've been banished to the couch due to my horrendous couch and not allowed out so I can heal myself nicely in time for Thursday - I thought I'd do a little brogging - a bragging blog. We received the final itinerary and information pack along with our tickets today, and finally, I am excited. It hasn't seemed real until now, but looking through the individually made booklet we received about where/when/how/why etc, it finally kicked in. We fly out Thursday for two nights in the Westin in Kuala Lumpur, then off to Borneo where all sorts of exciting things happen. As I was reading the information, I was amazed to read about the jet we're taking to the orangutan rehabilitation centre where we get to feed and play with the baby orangutans, the private island we have to ourselves for a day of jet skiing, snorkelling, all-day massages or anything else that tickles our fancy, the white water rafting trip and the gala dinners... it sounds incredible! All I have to do now is get over this yukky cold - the result of a New Years Eve that went from 38c to freezing cold and an absolute downpour whilst we were on the deck of the hair and make up were impeccable until about 4 minutes in, when my false eyelashes blew off in a strong gust of wind and my hair was soaked to my scalp with the rain. Sexy look! Here's a preview:

Hope you all had a great time!

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