Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Word? I don't think so.

I found this One Word Question/Multiple Word Answer meme over at Pretty Random Thoughts (which I read for the first time today!). As we're mostly aware, I can't not do a Meme - I just love myself too much and think y'all should get to know me better:)
Feel free to have a go yourself!

1. Clothes: I'm a shirt + jeans kinda girl marveling in the new found joy of colorful Summer dresses and skirts.

2. Furniture: French Provincial & eclectic.

3. Sweet: Chocolate self saucing pudding. As that's not commonly available at service stations for road trips, Berry Fruit Mentos or Kool Fruits.

4. City: My own Melbourne, and of course London. I'd say New York due to my fascination, but think I'll reserve that for when I've actually been.

5. Drink: Frangelico on ice, or Rooibos and vanilla for a pick me up.

6. Music: Robbie Williams rocks my world, and anything eclectic like Scissor Sisters, Mika & Queen.

7. TV Series: Anything based around America like Friends, Sex & The City, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and of course, the British Classic Top Gear. I'm also addicted to The Amazing Race & Survivor.

8. Film: I group them into 4 categories of favoritism: For Ryan Reynolds: Van Wilder/Definately Maybe, for Julia Roberts: My Best Friend's Wedding/Notting Hill, for Johnny Depp: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory/Pirates trilogy and for British Movies: Love Actually/About a Boy

9. Workout: Surfing, horse riding rollerblading, tennis and of course, walking the dogs.

10. Pastries: I've just discovered eclairs. Hot diggity damn!

11. Coffee: Starbucks Extra Dry Venti Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream and extra caramel. Heaven.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Postcards from America.

Sahara says it tastes great!

Melisa - she soon relinquished it, unscathed but a little damp, and I've placed it on the fridge for it's own protection. Thank you for thinking of me!

Best Day of My Life.

Since I completely and utterly fell in love with horses at the age of 3, all I have dreamed about is the day I would gallop through the surf on a fiery chestnut steed, wind in my hair and salt water on my face - along with a massive grin. It came true on Saturday morning, on a horse with the same name I have every intention of calling my own - Captain. When he is mine, he'll have a Jack Sparrow added to the end of it. It's like my school years all over again - not being able to settle or concentrate on anything but the excitement of being able to ride again soon.

Best view ever.

Captain & I and Derek & Scully, the Clydesdale X mare.

Riding through the dunes.

Scully having a chat with Captain.

A very handsome man and myself. See that grin?!

Weekend Happy Snaps.

Over the weekend, Chef and I spent the weekend in Melbourne to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of us meeting. We booked a hotel just outside the city, and wandered around Southbank watching the street performers and crowds of race-goers whilst we ate our dinner in one of my favorite restaurants. Afterwards, we headed up to Transport, a bar and club near Flinders St Station, and sat watching the world go by at Federation Square. In the morning, we went to the Eureka Sky Deck, which has recently been built and is Victoria's tallest building (and possibly Australia/Southern Hemisphere's but I'm too lazy to google it) before heading home. The absolute highlight of the weekend will be in evidence in the next post, as Blogger's having a fit uploading so many photos in a single post.

View from the hotel room (the cricket game being played wasn't super exciting).

Fooling around in the walk in wardrobe in the hotel.

The view from the spa in the Atrium over the city. The spa was lovely and relaxing, until I noticed all the scag and pubic hairs swirling around my neck. I promptly exited the spa and disinfected myself in the shower.

A vase in a hotel garden on the walk to the city. Presumably they've lost a couple.

The entrance to the Shrine of Remembrance.

This poor little fella has a bit of growing to do. (The tree, not Chef).

The Eternal Flame.

Another view of the the Flame & War Memorial.

The Water Wall @ The National Gallery of Victoria (I was informed not long after this photo was taken that the water cascading down the wall is actually sourced from the Yarra River. Ick).

The Art Centre Spire at night, on the way back from dinner at Southbank.

The Spire during the day, taken from the Eureka Sky Deck.

Flashing all of the city never felt so good.

Melbourne's Ring Road from the Sky Deck.

Southbank @ Night.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am in love.

...with a 17hh chestnut Standardbred named Captain.

As a teaser for the blog to come tomorrow about my weekend away, here is a photo of the most amazing and most anticipated moment of my life, bar none.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My 1960's cake baking.

I've had a crazy busy weekend - Saturday Sarah and I make the pilgrimage to the city to see Kobe, the Long Lost Brother Dog, and got sidetracked by a few shops and the odd animal shelter on the way. We returned in time for a quick shower - the 30 degree heat made for not very pretty smelling girls - before heading off to a friends birthday barbeque, where I valiantly attempted not to stab a fellow 'friend' with my forkful of potato salad. Chef and I were up early Sunday to go to the Tyabb Packing Shed, which houses many, many antique dealers, where we spent hours looking all the beautiful Beswick horses I collect, and trying on $20,000 diamond rings (me, that is, not Chef). Then we rushed off to one of our favorite restaurants, Boys for Brekkie to celebrate another friends birthday, where we consumed pancakes, coffee, freshly squeezed juice and eggs Benedict until we were all ready to burst. The streets surrounding our breakfast party were packed with people for the Mornington Cheese & Wine Festival, so we wandered through groups of screaming people and prolific breeders ramming us with their prams, to listen to the jazz bands and look at all the merchandise on display. There was a few things I was tempted to get for Melisa's Aussie Christmas Gift, but I was slightly concerned they would be confiscated through quarantine...

And so today I'm having a laid back day booking a two hour horse ride along the beach for Saturday morning, and baking. I was in a bit of a dark mood this morning, so I whacked on iTunes and have been listening to Best of the 60's whilst concocting my masterpiece which I shall be dishing out at the races tonight. Sarah, her sister, her mother & I (and any other stragglers who are reading are more than welcome to come along *cough* Terrence and Adele *cough*) are meeting at the greyhound track to watch this evenings races, after we're done walking our own four legged beasties at the local park.

As I was singing along to Saturday Night At The Movies, I mixed vanilla chocolate batter and added my raspberry swirl.

During Wash That Man Right Out Of My Head, I had a bit of fun marbling my swirls.

And when Daydream Believer came on, I started the clean up process.

Disturbingly, the cake has only been in for 16 of it's supposed 55 minute baking time, and it's already risen rather dramatically (and is smelling divine, might I add).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Westfield Doncaster

To anyone not living in Melbourne, disregard this post.

Grungy old Westfield shopping center looks a tad different, does it not?

This ad doesn't exactly make me want to rush to go clothes shopping there, does it you? I thought it was for a hotel when I first saw it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stifmeister & The Shermanator.

This is Stifler. He's one part of the Stifler & Sherman duo who have recently taken up residence on my water cooler stand.

As a result, this is where Sahara spends much of her day now. She has to fight Cleo for the front-row action.

Their cage isn't set up yet, and has perches and food bowls from the rat cage at the moment. I had no intention of acquiring birds, but a not very nice man was flogging them to make room for his new Galah collection (which I'm fairly sure are birds he's probably stolen from a football field somewhere, as opposed to breeding them), but luckily I had a cage in the shed. It's like having a halter for the horse I don't have, and keeping rabbit food in my car with a spare leash, collar, harness, water, bowl, treats, cat carrier box and a first aid kid for the up-coming snake season - just in case. It comes as a result from spending a stormy evening chasing an escaped goose all over a round about on the main road a few months back. I was sure if I just had a cardboard box and a giant net, it would have been saved. It's just how I roll.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My view of the Parade Ring.
A certain jockey named C. IamWills (scramble the letters, people. Or, if you're too lazy, just click here) brings his mare over for chats and pats.

My view of the Winning Post.

I had a fabulous time at the Cup - aside from the hideous sunburn I subjected myself to - I think the highlight of the day was a certain jockey bring the mare he was riding over for a chat and a pat after an earlier race (Presumably because she wasn't in the money it wasn't illegal?). Then, as I bet on his horse to win the Cup, and the horse did win the Cup (see video above) I received a little cap tilt (see video below) as he rode by on his way to the Winner's Circle, much to Chef's annoyance.

What can I say. I'm a total minx.
(Or it might have had something to do with the fact that floaty dress + practically gale force wind = crowds of people getting a glimpse of my knickers. I'd flashed 3 policemen and a drunken girl barfing in the bushes before I'd even paid my entry fee).

(I mentioned twas a tad windy. Sorry 'bout that).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In riding a horse...

...we borrow freedom.

(and gain a sore bot bot).

Friday, October 10, 2008


Ever since I first clapped eyes on him stuffed unceremoniously into a wire rack in a random toy store, I've had a Thing for Goober bears, by Gund. I know I've got a rather massive toy collection as it is (I'm sure there's beds somewhere in the spare bedrooms....) but I think it would be Goober who would complete it. As a result, Mummy gave me a little Goober-like bear she found today, named Cody. He has a little Goober-ish belly. (Thank goodness he doesn't have a shirt on - Phoenix tends to suckle them off, and then bury the bear - unscathed - under the bed in a little shrine with my socks and dust bunnies. Strange cookie).

I know. I know. I shouldn't be allowed to integrate with society.

Damn Straight.

(Sheesh. Can you tell I haven't been sleeping lately? I look like a ghoul).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Movie Magic

I was deleting some stuffs from my desktop this morning, and came across all my old movies. I naturally had to have a look-see. 2 hours later, and I'm seriously wondering what's wrong with me. Still, hope you enjoy the kitteh. Too cute!

Check out A Blog By Thy Dog for Sahara puppy cuteness.

Another one!

I've found another Long Lost Brother! Sarah and I are constantly on the look out (and often find Lost Lost Cousins that are somewhat similar) but today...I found a Kobe. He's more like Bruza, and free to a good home right near where I used to live. What are the chances?

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's only been half a year? And only a week to go!

Something deeply exciting happened yesterday.
It changes our lives, makes so many things possible, takes away something from us but gives us so much more in return.

And even though my Mac was prepared for it - I wasn't.

Daylight Savings. Yes, our clocks finally turned an hour forwards, and suddenly, delightfully, our evenings are longer, our night time's filled with sunshine, our days ... far more better-er. You catch my drift.

Something else happens once the clocks change.

It's Spring Racing Carnival.

Having spent the past two Monday nights at the Greyhound track just down the road, I have become inexplicably involved in the desire to train and race our own dog (although obviously not Phoenix or Sahara). Seah & I went last week, and being the fabulous ladies we are, got chatting to various trainers and made some fast friends, who were happy to divulge all sorts of useful information (and even gave us a few winning tips, which turned our $15 maximum bet to a lovely $300).

But Spring Racing is far superior to a wet weekday night at a track with drunkards. Spring Racing is fancy. And this year I am prepared for it.

You see, usually I prefer being in the stables than entering into Fashions On The Field. I can generally be found leaning on barriers talking to trainers, hosing down steaming horses or entirely covered in mud and sweat from cuddling the horses rather than elegantly posing or snapping my ankles in 4 inch heels.

But this year it's on like Donkey Kong.

I have 5 gorgeous new dresses, a rather lovely hat my mother bought me, and minus a few shopping trips for some new heels and a fascinator, I'm all but set. And the first race is on Sunday, at the minor track where I spend my Monday's with the doggies, but it's the first of several big races culminating in the Melbourne Cup, which unfortunately I shant be attending (refer to my Australian post for further Cup information). I will, however, be gracing the Melbourne Cup Parade - a celebration of the past winners, jockeys, trainers and the procession of the Melbourne Cup through the city. The reason I'm going? To see my all time favorite horse, Saintly, the gorgeous Golden horse pictured at the start of this post.

And, this year, I have a new favorite jockey. Remember this? Seeing as he's still above my bed, I placed a little bet on his outside chance horse in the first of the big races on Saturday. He won me a tidy little amount - enough to get my hair done nicely for Oaks Day. I'm so excited!

Disclaimer: I don't generally approve of horse racing as a rule - the horses are far too immature, small time trainers seem to treat their horses kind of badly, they will inevitably be shot once they stop winning money, and I point blank disapprove of jumps racing - but I can't turn down a chance to be around so many amazing animals, even though I flat out cannot watch the start of any race for fear they'll all break a leg and I constantly keep my fingers crossed they will all race safely. But as I'm committed to the RSPCA I know, should anything be amiss, something will be done immediately.

Mum's art exhibition.

Sarah and I went for a little road trip yesterday, to visit my mum and see some of her work in a local art exhibition being held in her town. First, we stocked up on various sorts of junk food and wolfed it down whilst dodging motorbikes all the way home (the Moto GP was on the way), and as I'd forgotten to change my clock to Daylight Savings time, there was a little bit of fast-ish driving involved, in between all the police men holding speed camera's behind every shrub. After we visited the new RACV resort on the waterfront and enjoyed a coffee, the amazing view of my favorite beaches and a good lecture about how un-fulfilling my life is, we headed back to Mum's before wandering across to the exhibition. Now, don't get me wrong - it was nothing fancy. Mum spent several hours trying to tell me she was embarrassed by us going, etc. It was an exhibition to display the work of the art group my mother helps run for Carer's of people with disabilities, and also a group for Older women. But my mum did have a few pieces on display... and two of hers were the first to sell. Yay!

'Le Pomme' (Apple Mask). This reminded me of my favorite Door Knocker from the Labrynth (if you haven't seen it - DO SO IMMEDIATELY).

'Decorative Mask' sold straight away, although personally it scared me a little.

Mum's Mandala - this I absolutely loved, and wanted to buy for myself before a pony tailed, leather waist coat wearing artist named Ricardo snapped it up.
I totally think it's me and my pooches, and it seems so protective and strong, and screams feminine energy. (I know. I'd never make an art critic).

I was really proud of mum, and I'm glad Sarah came down to witness my crazy family (I'll totally understand if she suddenly ceases all communication with me instantaneously).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

To my dearest...

Although you may not know me, I feel the need to write to you about a cause I hold dear to my heart.

You. And I. Locked together, forever, in holy matrimony.

I mentioned the forever bit, right?
It appears this letter will reach you moments too late. It also appears you have fallen under a web of evilness love with a certain child from the Horse Whisperer. (Who knew her leg really wasn't amputated like in the film? )

Should your marriage disintegrate within the next 6-12 months as I choose to believe not be all you had hoped in the coming years, I shall be here. Should she not run her hands, feather light, over your silky yet rock hard abs, quote parts of Van Wilder at inappropriate moments, or simply take for granted the fabulous qualities you possess (such as looking like an amazing sex god simply in jeans and a tee shirt, which, let's face it, is something most men who walk this earth never manage to achieve), I shall be here.

Unhorselike, unlike your prior loves, but here non the less. And I at least ride horses, which is, I think, a more attractive option than dating a girl who actually looks like one.

Yours hopefully,


Happy Accident

I just accidentally took this photo, and it cracks me up.
(I say accidentally; I was attempting to take a photo of her prior to her yawn and my camera's so slow it only managed to snap the shot about 6 second later).

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