Monday, October 20, 2008

My 1960's cake baking.

I've had a crazy busy weekend - Saturday Sarah and I make the pilgrimage to the city to see Kobe, the Long Lost Brother Dog, and got sidetracked by a few shops and the odd animal shelter on the way. We returned in time for a quick shower - the 30 degree heat made for not very pretty smelling girls - before heading off to a friends birthday barbeque, where I valiantly attempted not to stab a fellow 'friend' with my forkful of potato salad. Chef and I were up early Sunday to go to the Tyabb Packing Shed, which houses many, many antique dealers, where we spent hours looking all the beautiful Beswick horses I collect, and trying on $20,000 diamond rings (me, that is, not Chef). Then we rushed off to one of our favorite restaurants, Boys for Brekkie to celebrate another friends birthday, where we consumed pancakes, coffee, freshly squeezed juice and eggs Benedict until we were all ready to burst. The streets surrounding our breakfast party were packed with people for the Mornington Cheese & Wine Festival, so we wandered through groups of screaming people and prolific breeders ramming us with their prams, to listen to the jazz bands and look at all the merchandise on display. There was a few things I was tempted to get for Melisa's Aussie Christmas Gift, but I was slightly concerned they would be confiscated through quarantine...

And so today I'm having a laid back day booking a two hour horse ride along the beach for Saturday morning, and baking. I was in a bit of a dark mood this morning, so I whacked on iTunes and have been listening to Best of the 60's whilst concocting my masterpiece which I shall be dishing out at the races tonight. Sarah, her sister, her mother & I (and any other stragglers who are reading are more than welcome to come along *cough* Terrence and Adele *cough*) are meeting at the greyhound track to watch this evenings races, after we're done walking our own four legged beasties at the local park.

As I was singing along to Saturday Night At The Movies, I mixed vanilla chocolate batter and added my raspberry swirl.

During Wash That Man Right Out Of My Head, I had a bit of fun marbling my swirls.

And when Daydream Believer came on, I started the clean up process.

Disturbingly, the cake has only been in for 16 of it's supposed 55 minute baking time, and it's already risen rather dramatically (and is smelling divine, might I add).


Kat said...

Nom, nom... that looks delicious. Not a big fan of cake but that raspberry swirl looks delicious.

Alex said...

yeah gimme some of that cake dough mmmmm

never as good cooked !

Melisa said...

The swirling looks lovely!

And I suppose you weren't considering buying me a $20,000 ring since that wouldn't be confiscated for quarantine. Hmm. Curious. (and too bad: Ha ha!)

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

Great job on those swirls looks professional!!

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