Monday, October 6, 2008

Mum's art exhibition.

Sarah and I went for a little road trip yesterday, to visit my mum and see some of her work in a local art exhibition being held in her town. First, we stocked up on various sorts of junk food and wolfed it down whilst dodging motorbikes all the way home (the Moto GP was on the way), and as I'd forgotten to change my clock to Daylight Savings time, there was a little bit of fast-ish driving involved, in between all the police men holding speed camera's behind every shrub. After we visited the new RACV resort on the waterfront and enjoyed a coffee, the amazing view of my favorite beaches and a good lecture about how un-fulfilling my life is, we headed back to Mum's before wandering across to the exhibition. Now, don't get me wrong - it was nothing fancy. Mum spent several hours trying to tell me she was embarrassed by us going, etc. It was an exhibition to display the work of the art group my mother helps run for Carer's of people with disabilities, and also a group for Older women. But my mum did have a few pieces on display... and two of hers were the first to sell. Yay!

'Le Pomme' (Apple Mask). This reminded me of my favorite Door Knocker from the Labrynth (if you haven't seen it - DO SO IMMEDIATELY).

'Decorative Mask' sold straight away, although personally it scared me a little.

Mum's Mandala - this I absolutely loved, and wanted to buy for myself before a pony tailed, leather waist coat wearing artist named Ricardo snapped it up.
I totally think it's me and my pooches, and it seems so protective and strong, and screams feminine energy. (I know. I'd never make an art critic).

I was really proud of mum, and I'm glad Sarah came down to witness my crazy family (I'll totally understand if she suddenly ceases all communication with me instantaneously).

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