Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Worst possible timing? Affirmative.

I rode Altibo Bay for the first time yesterday - and had a pretty spectacular crash landing over some jumps. At first I thought it was my collar bone, but once the adrenaline wore off and I got home (after untacking, putting his 3 rugs on and driving home with one arm) the pain got worse and worse in my shoulder, elbow and wrist, and I soon noticed my knuckle swelling up. I denied the option of going to the doctor, as I can't think of anything I like less (except for maybe food stuck in the bottom of the sink. I mean, come on. That's just gross.), but after an hour or so I caved. I had x-rays this morning, which to me look fine (see above). I'm off to the doctor again now to see what the verdict is; and to confirm to Cameron I will in fact be absolutely fine to move all our funiture from our two houses to our new house on Thursday. It must be said, when I first plucked up the courage to tell him I was hurt, there was no concern over my wellbeing, I was simply informed I had chosen the worst possible timing to go breaking bits of myself. Feel the love!

Note: it took about 45 minutes to type that with one hand. Putting on mascara? Nope. Buttering my toast? Not so easy. Using my phone? Practically impossible. Packing my glassware with one hand? Impressively easy to do.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 days to go...

...til we move into our Dream House. FIVE days! It still doesn't seem real.

I'm currently packing up the last of my childhood. I always thought when I was a 'real' grown up, I would cut back on my kiddy knick-knacks and passion for random stuff. I don't think I'm anywhere near grown up, but sharing a 'real' house with a 'real' man kind of commands it. I was slightly worried at the thought - no more metallic gnomes over the fireplace, no shrines to all things equine brimming over in the spare room, no morepaintings of foxes with slightly wonky eyes adoring my walls - then I realized, hell, this is why I have an entire room to myself at my mothers. She, for one, would appreciate my "personality" (now, why do people say that to me and make inverted comma gestures? Can I help it I like quirky things?) and it might just mean more room to collect 'real' grown up things in my new home.

I see a tea cup and book-end obsession occuring in the not too distant future.

NB: I'm still horribly sad to be moving my collection of stuff far away. I like things. Lots of them. And for every 10 things I'm being mature enough to part with, I'm stuffing one article of my childhood into the Keep box. Defiant? Maybe. Not altogether ready to grow up? Definately.

C-Mac's Birthday

Yesterday was Cam's birthday. Far from celebrating in style, we drove to the city with a vague plan for the day, and ended up dozing off to the sounds of music playing from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl as we soaked up the sun on a lovely warm patch of grass. I must admit, we were feeling the after affects of a decent nights drinking the previous night, and it was lovely to snuggle up and enjoy the first nice day we'd had in Melbourne for a long time.

We wandered up and around the Shrine, and discovered a rooftop balcony that over looked the city, which we were very nearly blown off when we ventured up to it.

We ended up at Southbank, where we watched some street performers and had a beer and some cake (which naturally didn't compare in the slightest to the fabulous carrot cake I'd whipped up like the domestic goddess I am for his family birthday dinner the night before...) in the last of the sun before heading along to Crown and sharing our birthday tradition - posh cocktails at Atrium Bar. All I have to say is - the Raspberry Kiss is to die for.

After our own little happy hour trying to decipher what songs the pianist was playing, and admiring a particularly trashy engagement party celebration (note: adding a fake Chanel clutch to a strapless, skin tight dress with strategic cut outs does not a classy outfit make) we ended up at La Spaghettata for pasta and people watching. It wasn't the most structured celebration, but I had a wonderful day spending time with my (old) man, and hope he had a very happy 35th birthday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Altibo Bay

Meet Altibo, my new man. More details to come on Darcy's blog shortly!

...he's from Sir Tristram lines!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

All Grown Up

December 2006

July 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Counted blessings and blessings in disguise

I've had a fairly average few days.

Actually, average would be an understatement. Although I'm aware of my slightly flare for the dramatic, this week has sucked the big one.

Firstly, Darcy had a vet appointment on Monday. After 2 months of physio/chiropractic sessions, corrective shoeing, magnetic boots and reduced workload, he simply hadn't improved, and it was time to get a proper assessment. It turned out to be worse than I could have imagined.

He has a degenerative bone disease in his off fore (or front right for the non-pony people) which will reduce his working life to 12-18 months - WITH constant injections and medication. The outcome was brutal, and basically consisted of put him down, or get rid of him.

Having waited 22 years and breathed, dreamed and thought of very little else other than horses, to have my dream come true shattered like that was a little upsetting. Horrifically, bone-shakingly upsetting. Naturally, I refuse to do either of the two options I was presented with. I gave him the drugs I was told would help short-term, and worked out a few other options of my own, namely retiring him to 2000 acres of horse-friendly land with Cameron's aunty and uncle.

After not sleeping for two nights, and having all sorts of sad thoughts about my poor horse being in such pain, I was awoken at half past five this morning by my mother breaking the news my greatAunty had passed away unexpectedly. I drove down to my Nan's to break the news to her, and spent a not-so-fun morning consoling her and my mother. She was the woman who took care of me when I was younger and living in England; the lady who supported my horse-crazy passion 100% and who made me realize where I came from.

This growing up thing just isn't the fun I was told it would be. The only upside is the amazing horse I rode tonight; Altibo. He is extremely talented, not to mention handsome, and I think we'd have a fabulous time together. I've even thought over options for keeping Darcy at the place Alt currently lives, which might actually work out as a blessing in disguise.

The only other slightly excting thing to happen is the purchase of a BCBG Max Azria dress tonight. I've never thought polka-dots were particularly my style, but for BCBG, I'll give anything a whirl.

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