Sunday, March 30, 2008

What? And you're welcome.

Today is a day for blobbing. It's cold. And raining. I have an attack of the PMS Monster. I've attempted the "Kickboxing your way to Cardio Fitness" DVD my mother so thoughtfully gave me for my birthday yesterday, and I've even dragged my lazy ass out into the cold to walk the dogs. And now, after the strenuous exertion of consuming 3 Easter eggs when I got home, I want to melt onto the couch with my new chick flicks, and vegetate.

Yet suddenly the Chef has developed a taste for raging queens running around in mud, slapping each other on their tight little white shorts, and generally making an exhibition of themselves.

Football. Never, not once in our two years together, has he ever had the desire to watch AFL and swear loudly, pretending he intricately knows the rules, and shouting their surnames in shortened form in the pretence of having known them intimately for years.

That man is one step closer to coming out, I swear.

See? Even when I googled 'AFL is gay' this appeared.

*breaks into a cold sweat*
Thank me later ladies.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

birthday blog

Look Melisa! I have my own tiara now!

It's been a super day :)

I must finish the washing up, but here's a little sneak preview...

Massive shout outs to:

Seah & Tezz, for spoiling me rotten with my present tower, and for reading this :)

Chef for slaving away to make such a pretty cake and everything else he did for me today :)

Melisa for my gorgeous card, which cracked me up and made the dog's ears pop :)

...and although I don't think they read this...

My mum and my nan for everything. Always.

My day (and life in general) would have been nothing without all my favorite people.

Friday, March 28, 2008

February, March: edited.

So, I know posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately, but boy, have I been super busy. Here's a bit of dribble to get you up to speed somewhat:
Moving wasn't exactly stress free - Chef and I had both come down with some sort of horrific fever ( I think I posted about my not so fun late night trip to the hospital ) and as a result, could barely make it from bed, let alone lift a box or drive the truck. Luckily, his brother stepped in and gave us a hand, and while I drove down with my menagerie of kittens, dogs and fish and essential supplies like cleaning stuff and chocolate, the boys managed to fit all the crap we've accumulated in three years into the truck.

I did the majority of essential unpacking over the next few days, and ever-ready for an excuse to eat junk food, I chose to ignore the fact the kitchen was one of the first things I set up. I lived on fish and chips and pizza before I realized just how fantastic our new oven is, and made a beautiful roast with all the trimmings. Drool.

I'm still doing several days a week for Riding for the Disabled. We have two new ponies, one with an extremely amusing name, which I can only imagine resulted from some sort of mid life crisis or taking a young gardener for a lover and bursting to tell the world, or similar. Feel free to have a stab in the dark at what he may be named.

I'm loving working at the RSPCA and walking the dogs, although some days I find it just utterly drains me emotionally. The 2nd day I walked the dogs, I made the mistake of asking why a particularly sweet, elderly Jack Russell had the letters NSS on his cage, like the rest of the adorable puppies and beautiful German Shepherds I had that day. I simply sat in the rain with that little dog and cried, silently, so he wouldn't feel any sadness on his last ever minutes outside and wondered what sort of person could do such horrible things to a loving old dog like him.

I've had nothing but trouble when it comes to our two cars since we've moved - aside from some half-wit attempting to steal - and FAILING - (yet managing to strip the locks on my doors so now I have to jiggle the key in a very specific way and hop around for ages trying to get it to click) in the first week, my car randomly decides to conk without warning. Hell, I can open that car in 35 seconds with a small coat hanger and my eyes closed, with my mum yelling instructions in the background. Chef may or may not have ran into the garden tap and managed to cause over a thousand dollars of damage to his radiator, battery and timing belt in the process. Already somewhat bald and massively un-roadworthy, I had two (very) near miss accidents on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, and consequently have a rather large hole in my front tire, in which you can see the metal rim underneath. Hmm.

The RSPCA All Creatures Day was a blast last Sunday, although ridiculously hot, and I managed to keep my inner bitch on a fairly tight leash, and therefore pause too long fantasizing about inflicting bodily harm on several of the mentally inadequate helpers we had. (Tezz: Please note - I mean those young girls, not you or Chef :)

Easter was super fun, too - I worked Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning so could only get away late Sunday, but I still managed to consume much chocolate and catch up for a beautiful roast dinner with the family.

This week has been spent organizing and preparing to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, with a lunch for all my nearest and dearest - and, shockingly, I am cooking. Yes, that is correct - if anyone reads this and decides in the interest of their health not to attend, I can completely understand. Completely.

Last night Seah and I had a barrel of laughs late-night shopping (at least I did, I think I dragged her around one too many nasty stores for it be enjoyable) and looking for a specific color purple singlet for my birthday, in which I eventually decided on silver. Hmm. Still, our On The Way Home snack of a bucket sized portion of pop corn was divine.

Right now I'm making final preparations for tomorrow, cleaning like a fiend and hiding all the receipts from last night, and preparing the tiny foster kittens medication. (They've come down with a nasty dose of flu, and are sneezing and snuffling their way around the bathroom, as they need to be seperated from Cleo - sigh).

So...another day, another year older...what an old hag I shall be :)

(I couldn't find anything remotely interesting under '22nd Birthday' in google images, but this popped up for some reason...)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Hot Cross Bun Day

I have no time to post right now - but these pictures speak a thousand words and I'll fill in the rest when I get a chance tomorrow.

(I'm busy with my Mum & Nan, and also fixing my birthday lunch menu and invites. Excitement!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm baaaaack! * does a merry jig *

Yes, that is correct, after over a month of no-net misery, I am finally reconnected - and boy, is there a lot of news!
I'll be up bright and early doing individual posts for each vague section of my life for the past month-and-a-bit, and as there's WAY too many photos to upload directly, I'll be adding a link to photobucket, flickr or similar for your viewing pleasure :)

But's a few of the more exciting moments...

Phoenix and Sahara absolutely adore their new home, and are both being their usual lovely selves, and are as yet to destroy anything (touch wood)

Chef and I had one of the most amazing dinner's ever at a winery out in the middle of nowhere for his brothers birthday - it had the most spectacular views of half of the state, which I wish I was able to capture with my oh-so-wonderful photography.

Cleo is growing at an alarming rate, and is enjoying ruling the household and pretending to be a dog.

Chef's brother's wedding was beautiful, and we all had a great time (with a few setbacks which I choose to gloss over). I wish we could have stayed longer - I certainly loved having my hair and make up done and being generally treated like a princess and then laying by the pool sipping lovely drinks and being fed lovely food, and getting dressed to the nines and dancing the night away.

We have a new addition to the house (*cough* menagerie *cough*) - Saffron, the very adorable, very tiny ratty. I have joined the Victorian Fancy Rat Society and, once she grows a little, will be my little show pony.

St Paddy's day was a total blast, even though it was early to bed as it was the RSPCA All Creatures Day the following morning. I even managed to have a great time helping run the BBQ in 43 degree heat for eight hours!

...and today I bought home two six week old kittens from the RSPCA to foster for a few weeks, until their get up to their adoption weight of 800 grams and can be adopted by a (hopefully) loving family. I've named the little boy (the one closest) Sage and the girl Nutmeg, and I can see they'll be keeping me busy for some time!

...I can't wait to read everyone's news and get back in the loop :)

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