Saturday, March 29, 2008

birthday blog

Look Melisa! I have my own tiara now!

It's been a super day :)

I must finish the washing up, but here's a little sneak preview...

Massive shout outs to:

Seah & Tezz, for spoiling me rotten with my present tower, and for reading this :)

Chef for slaving away to make such a pretty cake and everything else he did for me today :)

Melisa for my gorgeous card, which cracked me up and made the dog's ears pop :)

...and although I don't think they read this...

My mum and my nan for everything. Always.

My day (and life in general) would have been nothing without all my favorite people.


Kat said...

Happy (belated) Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. Your cake looks absolutely yummy.

Melisa said...

Aww! Happy Birthday!
You must come to my blog and grab the "Tiara wearing Blogger" picture!

I loved that photo of you with the tiara on! :)

You are very lucky to have family and friends who love you...count your blessings, girl!

Tezz said...


Again, anyway seah and i are happy to spoil you, also i love the fact that Chef, told you about you choc arse at the end of the supermarket trip, as i would have done the same to seah,

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