Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bucket List

I woke up this morning feeling a little uninspired for life. I had icky dreams, which always make me feel blah, but aside from that and the fact my dream job hasn't arrived this week (and feeling incredibly guilty having 2 weeks off whilst waiting for said job) I just feel a bit... lost. I don't know what to do with myself. There's a hundred things I should be doing, but I just can't settle. And so I started doing what I'm so good at: daydreaming. About all the things I wish I were doing instead of moping, and all the wonderful things I have done over the past few years, and I thought - Aha! Bucket list! What better timing to write it out and see what I can accomplish before my certain death on my birthday weekend when I attempt completing the Tough Mudder. If you're wondering what I mean - here's a little sneak preview of what I have in store.

Yes. That's correct. Barbed wire, electric shocks, fire pits and 20km of hell in between. All because I couldn't keep my big mouth shut when some douchebag said girls can't do it. Hah!

Any way, here goes...

My Bucket List

* Go to New York. (There's actually an entire bucket list within this single item, such as ice skate in Central Park, get married at the Boat House, TGI's in Times Square, eat real New York Pizza...all the important things)

* Swim with sea turtles and dolphins been there, done that. I do, however, have to see a live dugong or manatee, and it would be AMAZING to swim with one.

* Compete in an event on Mr Darcy and win a ribbon. My all time biggest goal.

* Gallop through the surf with the wind in my hair and the salt spray in my face with my best friend on my own horse Check. Also, doing this in Fiji & Vanuatu were fairly amazing.

* See Robbie Williams/Thirsty Merc in concert. Or heck, the way I'm going, see ANY concert.

* Bungee Jump Well, I cliff dived. And that was bloody scary enough to never want to do again. Falling 54 metres into a gully in Africa was quite sufficient to say "I've done it".

* Go to the Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot races. I think leading in my own race horse at any race in Australia would work, too.

* Get married. And have one of those over the water hut houses on the honeymoon in Bora Bora/Tahiti/Maldives etc. And inside this one, is the pathetically girly and sad comment "be everything to someone" and be treated like a princess. Actually, I think I'd basically settle for not dying alone with 19 cats and have to be lifted from my house because my addiction to Coco-Pops got the better of me.

* Experience another white Christmas in England. Or America. Or Canada. Or all three.

* Play ice hockey in Toronto - and visit all the places in the world I dream about - skiing in Queenstown, shopping in Paris, see France and Spain, and then all my ridng dreams - Trek through Peru and Nepal and Mongolia, gallop an Arab up sand dunes in Dubai, ride through the Aussie High Country and of course, go back to the place I am happiest in the world and ride through Africa again. I'd quite like to ride through the Rockies, too.

* Compete a rally course without wrapping myself around a tree.

* Finish this Tough Mudder in March and prove that girls can do ANYTHING.

* Have my own property with land for my horses, the white German Shepherd I will one day own, and room to be self sufficient enough to live off the land.

* Abseil a real, live cliff thing instead of just climb walls in a warehouse.

* Fit into my clothes again.

* To be continued....

What's on YOUR bucket list?


So, this blogging regularly thing? Fail. Still, i've got my excuses; number one being these fakes nails + my laptop keyboard = bad combination. Half of my Facebook posts are sent prematurely because nasty mister right ring finger nail hits enter when it slips off the L button, and most of my texts are missing vowels as it's so hard to type. The price for beauty!

Secondly, and the sole reason I stopped blogging altogether: there's already people reading this that I don't reeeeally want to have reading it. There goes my vents, my honest and raw posts about things that actually matter to me when I need some way to get things off my chest, and also some of those happy posts about things and people I don't need others to be getting upset about. So, what to do? I guess I'll either censor these posts, and hope one day I'll come to my senses and not actually give a rats arse what certain somebodies think, or I'll give up entirely. Again. Not something I want to be doing... so, to that censorship! Instead of banging on about what a crappy, shitty, horribly horrible weekend I have endured, I shall move on to joyful, uplifting things... like... er. You know. Stuff. And things.

Sigh...Moving on.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

You know what...?

Bugger it. That last post, well, it was meant to be on my other blog. I.e, the one I use now, not this old one I haven't been using because I feel like all the old bits of myself I don't like linger in the background - and in a few posts, literally right there on the page for all to see. However... and this has taken some serious consideration, I'm back to my previous statement. Bugger it. I don't even like my other blog, it never felt...well, like home. This is my blogging heart, and if the people who used to read this still do, I guess I'm OK with them being creepy stalkers who won't accept me on Facebook, but still want to know about my life via blog er...that.

The only problem is, I can see myself spending the entire afternoon making changes to this so it's up to old standards. I guess the pool can wait a little longer...

Bloggy blog... I've missed you! Lazing in my bed in the midday sun, scrolling through blogs and sites I haven't even squinted at for what, 6? months, made me realize how deeply I wanted to be back blogging. So here goes! I've quit my job, am still waiting for interviews next week as I'm hideously contagious with the lurgy (or at least a vile head cold) and have nothing on the cards or to do list that's any more strenuous than cleaning the bathroom sink for the next few what better chance to catch up with the blogosphere? Except, of course, that I'm trying to book last minute accommodation for myself and the dogs this weekend to have some alone time with some kangaroos, koalas and a bottle of wine in a spa overlooking the beach somewhere... and that somewhere that wont include WIFI access. All the more reason to catch up today, then.

One of the most magical moments in my life - just me, an underwater camera and a wild sea turtle who was as curious of me as I was of him.

What's news? Well, aside from working, there's been a trip to Queensland, where I spent the days lounging by the pool, then the beach, then back to the pool...until I discovered a 1m acre ranch where I ended up spending my days riding on Australian Stock Horses rounding up cattle and mustering, and riding through the Daintree Rain Forest and along the beaches, ending with a job offer to work in the outback stations any time I want it in Far North QLD...I also ticked off swimming with sea turltles as I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, number 2 on my Bucket List.

Looky who I met in NZ!

I had a quick holiday in New Zealand, meeting Cam's extended family and enjoying the atmosphere of the Rugby World Cup. I really liked Auckland, it felt very British and the shoe shopping was ridiculously cheap! I also admired a lot of sheep.

The beautiful black sand of Piha beach.

... I survived!

Last weekend I ran my first race in the Melbourne Marathon...ok, it was only the 5km, but I did it in a time I was happy with and didn't actually expire during the run, something I was worried about. I'm setting my sights on a longer and harder race in March...I can honestly say I've got a bit of a running bug now; being ill the past few days and only having one PT session this week makes me feel like poo.

Darcy and I - loving life!

I also purchased a new car, and a horse float, and have spent some of the best days of my life galloping Darcy and Ista along the beach, with the sunshine beating down, my best friend at my side and sand and sea spray flying everywhere... absolutely the most incredible feeling in the world! Another bucket list tick off, galloping a Melbourne Cup runner through the waves on a completely desserted, never ending stretch of sand. The incident with the boggy, black quick sand and white breeches was rather unfortunate, but once Ista was dragged out and washed off, it was more amusing than terrifying.

Now, I'm sure I've done more than this! However, the sun is shining, the pool is sparkling and I'm under doctors orders to rest up, so I'd best take a book and a towel outside and make sure I don't over-exert myself cleaning that sink.... until next time, which I promise will be sooner than later, I hope you're all well and enjoying life! I know I am :D

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