Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Man + USA = Mission.

My man is in the States for the next ten days, and aside from writing him ridiculously corny letters for each day he's away and sending him a series of silly photos of my garden gnome (which he finds particularly repulsive) in a different place/situation each day, I've been wondering what else I can do to let him know I care (and, potentially unleash the fact I am possibly slightly insane). He doesn't seem to understand my need for vast amount of photos of all things USA, and as a result, I have a plan. He arrived in Philadelphia today, and when I called him he seemed a little dejected. I've decided, to ensure I receive plenty of photos to re-spark my love of all things American, to give him a Mission each day. Firstly, he's in Philly, then flying on to Boston, New York and LA/Santa Barbara. 

I've been googling Philadelphia like mad, trying to find things to add to his quest, but I am a little stuck for ideas. Does any one have some suggestions of places/things to see/do (and prove he's seen/done with photos) for any of those cities? As you can imagine, I've got a fair list going on for the days he's in *NY. 

* Attempting not to burst into hysterical tears at the fact he's there without me. Sob.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

General Updates.

I'm just having a cup of tea before I go food shopping with Chef. It's been a crazy week, and I feel like I haven't had a minute to breathe. The big move itself went well - I picked up the keys Friday morning, and after an initial screw up by the estate agents all went smoothly and I spent my first night in my new house a night earlier than planned. I couldn't have gotten anything done without the support of Cam, and we were soon settled in with Pad Thai and some drinks on the deck over the weekend. I've been ever so slowly unpacking since then, and still feel like I've gotten nothing done, but I'm loving my new house and actually being able to do as I please.

I popped back to the old house this afternoon to clear up the last of my things (and sneakily do a few loads of washing, as I'm still minus a machine of my own) and caught up with Chef, who I seem to get on with now better than ever before. Bizarre how things work out, and hopefully we can actually maintain a friendship despite all that has happened.

Sahara's going in for her pre-op for her 3rd surgery tomorrow, and I'm awaiting news on my Tiny Kitten, Chicago - she went back to the RSPCA to be desexed, and I put in an application for her as an Interested Party and have been waiting to hear if I was able to adopt her. Unfortunately, she didn't come out of surgery well, developed cat flu - and as a result, stomach ulcers - and isn't looking like she'll pull through. If she makes it through the night, I'm going in first thing in the morning to bring her home and nurse her back to health.

UPDATE: I went to see tiny kitten yesterday, and it was heartbreaking. Still, even though she was so sick, she recognized me immediately - I opened the cage door and she soon climbed on to my shoulder and nestled into my neck, purring her little death-rattle purr as her lungs are so full of snot. I'm about to call and see if my begging has worked, and I shall be able to bring her home this weekend. I think nursing her back to health will be one way of taking my mind off Cam flying off to the States for ten days, come Monday.

*starts sniffling just thinking about it*

Tonight is the first night of my birthday festivities, and I'm getting a tad excited, to say the least. I'm just trying to decide if my gorgeous new Wayne Cooper dress might be a smidgen too revealing as it barely covers my ass, and if I might not be better off wearing something a little classier to the fancy restaurant tonight, and getting my butt out tomorrow night when I paint the town red. Or black, or whatever the saying is.

I'm looking forward to having my family over on Sunday to celebrate my actual birthday, and show them all my new house. I really must start unpacking....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just...don't tell me.

Do you ever hear the answers to questions you don't really want to ask?

It feels like lately there's been one thing after another I just simply don't know how to begin processing. I don't know whether the way I feel is a direct correlation to having a few too many hang ups or unrealistic expectations; all I know is I feel shitty when I learn of instances that push my moral boundaries.

Yes, I actually have some.

This whole getting older thing is never as much fun as I thought it would be, and it's times like these I'd simply rather move far, far away than actually grow up (which I believe is commonly known as 'running away').

Still, life's not supposed to be easy, or any other revolting cliche of the sort. I guess tomorrow's another day, and hopefully not another revelation that makes me question my self belief. Until then...goodnight, y'all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just FYI.

Re: This post from Melisa.

I love:

Singing to Benny & The Jets as we cruise with the roof down = Freshly picked roses with my morning coffee = Beautiful eyes = Squealing like a child in Kmart = Lazy 'Sick Days' in bed = Singing to V while painting in the sun = Honesty = V hips = Thousands of memories of magic days in Vanuatu = Putting on sunscreen = Early morning text messages = Still being that little bit shorter, even in my heels = Offers to be rubbed with Vicks when I'm sick = Cruisy evenings eating noodles while watching movies = Respect = Procrastination trips to Bunnings = Breaking into a grin every time I hear him say 'hello' on a voicemail = Holding hands while we shop = Talking random nonsense for hours at a time = Sahara loving him unconditionally = Drunken chats = Finding an amazing new friend = Enchiladas = Back scratches = Singing to V Channel as we paint in the sun = Being accepted = Falling in love at the very first kiss = And more than anything...the feeling of complete and utter support, respect and love each and every time we are together.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Although I mentioned I shant be posting anything of significance, I still have the urge to blog whilst I set up my other site (which is taking a long, long time as I'm hardly home to use the internets these days). So, to waste some time before I drag my cold-ridden and weary body to the shopping centre, here's a general update.

* I have an 'inspection' with a prospective landlord tonight. I put in my application for the house last Thursday, and have been quietly hoping I'd get a call - and when I did, it was from the estate agent asking if I would mind meeting the owner of the property. Presumably, it's to make sure I'm not an tattoo-covered, axe-wielding maniac with a penchant for smashing other peoples property. Fingers crossed she likes me, and gives me the keys to her home. ASAP.

* One of the tiny kittens, Milwaukee (the black & white one) is very sick with 'flu. I got an eyedropper from the vet this morning when I took Cleo in for her microchip, and have been hand-feeding him with mashed up meat and kitten milk with his medications, as he's not able to eat. I have a bit of a crush on him, and have considered not taking him back to the RSPCA when he's up to weight...

* Whilst I was at the vets, I bought Cleo the most gorgeous patent leather, hot pink Chanel collar. It has two bells on it now, to stop her from bringing down wildlife and leaving, half-masticated bird wings on the back step.

*** Friday***

The meeting went well...and I have my new house! I sign all official documents Monday, and move in sometime this week :) 3 bedrooms, air con, dishwasher, gas ducted heating, a completely secure yard for the dogs and a nice big bath...could a girl want any more? (except, of course, a completely sane and reliable housemate to share bills with...we'll get cracking on that one soon!).

So. SO. Excited. Beyond excited. Absofuckinglutely thrilled to be making a fresh start and being able to put all the crap that has haunted me for the past few months (and more) behind me. And, of course, having complete and utter control over what I can and cannot do and display in my very own home. My brand spanking new metallic silver garden gnome is taking pride of place on my new mantel - and NO one has the right to tell me it's ugly. Success!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heads Up.

Just so you're all aware, I will be posting nothing of significance for the foreseeable future. I will be shutting this blog down shortly, and will be inviting people to read a privatized version once my new blog is set up. If you would like an invitation or an explanation, please feel free to either leave a comment, or contact me directly via email.

That is all.

I can has cheeseburger?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chicago, Philadelphia & Milwaukee

It took me slightly longer than intended, but my plan has worked.
Chicago, Philadelphia & Milwaukee came home with me from work this afternoon; three tiny kittens needing foster care who are orphaned and homeless from the bush fires. Currently, Milwaukee is stuck somewhere up the back of the washing machine hiding, Philly is attempting to blend into the cushions on the couch and hissing at anything that moves, and Chicago, my little tiger kitty, is hanging gleefully off Sahara's face and trying to eat my Subway. She's by far the most confidant - and cheekiest.
Could she be any cuter?
Sahara hasn't stopped smiling since they arrived. And tonight, we're off out to a dog friendly pub for dinner. I'm going to pretend I'm back in England, and casually stepping into the Snug in a small village pub as we step carefully over various assembled lurchers and collies like I used to.

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