Friday, March 13, 2009


Although I mentioned I shant be posting anything of significance, I still have the urge to blog whilst I set up my other site (which is taking a long, long time as I'm hardly home to use the internets these days). So, to waste some time before I drag my cold-ridden and weary body to the shopping centre, here's a general update.

* I have an 'inspection' with a prospective landlord tonight. I put in my application for the house last Thursday, and have been quietly hoping I'd get a call - and when I did, it was from the estate agent asking if I would mind meeting the owner of the property. Presumably, it's to make sure I'm not an tattoo-covered, axe-wielding maniac with a penchant for smashing other peoples property. Fingers crossed she likes me, and gives me the keys to her home. ASAP.

* One of the tiny kittens, Milwaukee (the black & white one) is very sick with 'flu. I got an eyedropper from the vet this morning when I took Cleo in for her microchip, and have been hand-feeding him with mashed up meat and kitten milk with his medications, as he's not able to eat. I have a bit of a crush on him, and have considered not taking him back to the RSPCA when he's up to weight...

* Whilst I was at the vets, I bought Cleo the most gorgeous patent leather, hot pink Chanel collar. It has two bells on it now, to stop her from bringing down wildlife and leaving, half-masticated bird wings on the back step.

*** Friday***

The meeting went well...and I have my new house! I sign all official documents Monday, and move in sometime this week :) 3 bedrooms, air con, dishwasher, gas ducted heating, a completely secure yard for the dogs and a nice big bath...could a girl want any more? (except, of course, a completely sane and reliable housemate to share bills with...we'll get cracking on that one soon!).

So. SO. Excited. Beyond excited. Absofuckinglutely thrilled to be making a fresh start and being able to put all the crap that has haunted me for the past few months (and more) behind me. And, of course, having complete and utter control over what I can and cannot do and display in my very own home. My brand spanking new metallic silver garden gnome is taking pride of place on my new mantel - and NO one has the right to tell me it's ugly. Success!

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Melisa with one S said...

Yes yes yes!

And the great news keeps on coming!

Post photos when you get everything set up!

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