Sunday, August 16, 2009

C-Mac's Birthday

Yesterday was Cam's birthday. Far from celebrating in style, we drove to the city with a vague plan for the day, and ended up dozing off to the sounds of music playing from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl as we soaked up the sun on a lovely warm patch of grass. I must admit, we were feeling the after affects of a decent nights drinking the previous night, and it was lovely to snuggle up and enjoy the first nice day we'd had in Melbourne for a long time.

We wandered up and around the Shrine, and discovered a rooftop balcony that over looked the city, which we were very nearly blown off when we ventured up to it.

We ended up at Southbank, where we watched some street performers and had a beer and some cake (which naturally didn't compare in the slightest to the fabulous carrot cake I'd whipped up like the domestic goddess I am for his family birthday dinner the night before...) in the last of the sun before heading along to Crown and sharing our birthday tradition - posh cocktails at Atrium Bar. All I have to say is - the Raspberry Kiss is to die for.

After our own little happy hour trying to decipher what songs the pianist was playing, and admiring a particularly trashy engagement party celebration (note: adding a fake Chanel clutch to a strapless, skin tight dress with strategic cut outs does not a classy outfit make) we ended up at La Spaghettata for pasta and people watching. It wasn't the most structured celebration, but I had a wonderful day spending time with my (old) man, and hope he had a very happy 35th birthday.


Melisa with one S said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

That first picture is my favorite!

Happy (late) birthday to him!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Cam! Sounds like a fabulous relaxing day!

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic day KT. Thanks for the great birthday xxx Thanks Sue for the birthday wishes!

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