Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stifmeister & The Shermanator.

This is Stifler. He's one part of the Stifler & Sherman duo who have recently taken up residence on my water cooler stand.

As a result, this is where Sahara spends much of her day now. She has to fight Cleo for the front-row action.

Their cage isn't set up yet, and has perches and food bowls from the rat cage at the moment. I had no intention of acquiring birds, but a not very nice man was flogging them to make room for his new Galah collection (which I'm fairly sure are birds he's probably stolen from a football field somewhere, as opposed to breeding them), but luckily I had a cage in the shed. It's like having a halter for the horse I don't have, and keeping rabbit food in my car with a spare leash, collar, harness, water, bowl, treats, cat carrier box and a first aid kid for the up-coming snake season - just in case. It comes as a result from spending a stormy evening chasing an escaped goose all over a round about on the main road a few months back. I was sure if I just had a cardboard box and a giant net, it would have been saved. It's just how I roll.

1 comment:

Kat said...

American Pie...gosh I love it when someone comes up with funny names.

The dog is absolutely mesmerized...hilarious.

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