Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Happy Snaps.

Over the weekend, Chef and I spent the weekend in Melbourne to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of us meeting. We booked a hotel just outside the city, and wandered around Southbank watching the street performers and crowds of race-goers whilst we ate our dinner in one of my favorite restaurants. Afterwards, we headed up to Transport, a bar and club near Flinders St Station, and sat watching the world go by at Federation Square. In the morning, we went to the Eureka Sky Deck, which has recently been built and is Victoria's tallest building (and possibly Australia/Southern Hemisphere's but I'm too lazy to google it) before heading home. The absolute highlight of the weekend will be in evidence in the next post, as Blogger's having a fit uploading so many photos in a single post.

View from the hotel room (the cricket game being played wasn't super exciting).

Fooling around in the walk in wardrobe in the hotel.

The view from the spa in the Atrium over the city. The spa was lovely and relaxing, until I noticed all the scag and pubic hairs swirling around my neck. I promptly exited the spa and disinfected myself in the shower.

A vase in a hotel garden on the walk to the city. Presumably they've lost a couple.

The entrance to the Shrine of Remembrance.

This poor little fella has a bit of growing to do. (The tree, not Chef).

The Eternal Flame.

Another view of the the Flame & War Memorial.

The Water Wall @ The National Gallery of Victoria (I was informed not long after this photo was taken that the water cascading down the wall is actually sourced from the Yarra River. Ick).

The Art Centre Spire at night, on the way back from dinner at Southbank.

The Spire during the day, taken from the Eureka Sky Deck.

Flashing all of the city never felt so good.

Melbourne's Ring Road from the Sky Deck.

Southbank @ Night.

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