Monday, October 6, 2008

It's only been half a year? And only a week to go!

Something deeply exciting happened yesterday.
It changes our lives, makes so many things possible, takes away something from us but gives us so much more in return.

And even though my Mac was prepared for it - I wasn't.

Daylight Savings. Yes, our clocks finally turned an hour forwards, and suddenly, delightfully, our evenings are longer, our night time's filled with sunshine, our days ... far more better-er. You catch my drift.

Something else happens once the clocks change.

It's Spring Racing Carnival.

Having spent the past two Monday nights at the Greyhound track just down the road, I have become inexplicably involved in the desire to train and race our own dog (although obviously not Phoenix or Sahara). Seah & I went last week, and being the fabulous ladies we are, got chatting to various trainers and made some fast friends, who were happy to divulge all sorts of useful information (and even gave us a few winning tips, which turned our $15 maximum bet to a lovely $300).

But Spring Racing is far superior to a wet weekday night at a track with drunkards. Spring Racing is fancy. And this year I am prepared for it.

You see, usually I prefer being in the stables than entering into Fashions On The Field. I can generally be found leaning on barriers talking to trainers, hosing down steaming horses or entirely covered in mud and sweat from cuddling the horses rather than elegantly posing or snapping my ankles in 4 inch heels.

But this year it's on like Donkey Kong.

I have 5 gorgeous new dresses, a rather lovely hat my mother bought me, and minus a few shopping trips for some new heels and a fascinator, I'm all but set. And the first race is on Sunday, at the minor track where I spend my Monday's with the doggies, but it's the first of several big races culminating in the Melbourne Cup, which unfortunately I shant be attending (refer to my Australian post for further Cup information). I will, however, be gracing the Melbourne Cup Parade - a celebration of the past winners, jockeys, trainers and the procession of the Melbourne Cup through the city. The reason I'm going? To see my all time favorite horse, Saintly, the gorgeous Golden horse pictured at the start of this post.

And, this year, I have a new favorite jockey. Remember this? Seeing as he's still above my bed, I placed a little bet on his outside chance horse in the first of the big races on Saturday. He won me a tidy little amount - enough to get my hair done nicely for Oaks Day. I'm so excited!

Disclaimer: I don't generally approve of horse racing as a rule - the horses are far too immature, small time trainers seem to treat their horses kind of badly, they will inevitably be shot once they stop winning money, and I point blank disapprove of jumps racing - but I can't turn down a chance to be around so many amazing animals, even though I flat out cannot watch the start of any race for fear they'll all break a leg and I constantly keep my fingers crossed they will all race safely. But as I'm committed to the RSPCA I know, should anything be amiss, something will be done immediately.

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Melisa said...

I can't WAIT for pictures!

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