Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wish I could turn back the hands of time

My dogs killed my rabbit last night. She'd gotten out earlier in the day, and although happy hopping around on my deck, was soon put back and her hutch fixed. I even went out with my aching back in the pouring rain to double check, and give her a pat for being so clever. A few hours later, I heard Sahara bark, and knew they'd gotten her.

I feel like turning myself in to the RSPCA. I bought her home to give her a better life, and yet I've done nothing but aide her butchering. I am so upset with my dogs; although I know it's human (well, doggy) nature for them to want to play and hunt rabbits. I don't know which they were doing. The poor girl.

- - - -R.I.P- V i n d a l o o - - -

Sahara's modeling has been canceled, and I'm yet to want either near me, and now I feel like I'm neglecting them. I can't even walk them - I somehow managed to hurt my back yesterday afternoon, and since then I have had trouble sitting down and walking. Basically, I'm in agony, but I desperately need to work tomorrow to get some cash. I just don't think lifting 35kg boxes and bending over all day will be doing me any good. *sigh*

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Melisa said...

Ooh. What an awful ordeal.

Don't beat yourself up though; it wasn't your fault...the dogs did what came naturally to them and it's really not even their fault.

Relax and take lots of deep breaths; take care of your back too!

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