Monday, November 26, 2007

I don't worry 'cos everything's gonna be alright

I'm too lazy to blog properly. Here's a few key things that have happened lately.

* I spent Friday with A, and had a shopping spree and ended up at the Lion in Melbourne Central in an Alba Fan Club dress, which was 2 sizes larger than I normally buy. I'd like to think this is a one off.

* I was surrounded by 14 year old thugs with blades calling me nasty names because they wanted a cigarette. This is the second time in a week I've had groups of boys get their knives out in the city. I'd like to blame this one on not being allowed to smoke indoors - I'm forced onto the street with no Security at 2 am to have a cigarette. I realize I should quit. But in the meantime, I don't want to get stabbed.

* Speaking of stabbed. I sliced half my thumb off when I was making a curry last night. I was strangely screwed up by it - it's the first time I ever recall the feeling of the ground rushing to meet me without the aid of a horse or alcohol. I then vomited. Then I cried. I am such a child.

* I went to the Pet & Pony Expo on Sunday with the Chef, Seah & Tezz. Yep, this means I'm talking to my dogs again. I had an OK time, but things are still strained with the Chef.
I'm still looking for my own place, and instead of placing emphasis on our relationship or lack thereof right now, I'm concentrating on getting my own life together if things don't work out, which is how it's looking right now.

* I'm craving spending some time down in the country, and getting away for a bit. I miss my Mum, I miss the beach, and I miss freedom. There's only 28 days til Christmas, and the excitement just isn't there, due to our shitty financial status and our fucking up relationship status. I want to go make Sandmen (an Aussie variation of Snowmen) with my mum and squeeze all my presents. Basically, I want to act like a small, molly coddled child again.

* I am totally in love with this song right now. I'm not usually a huge fan of screaming women vocalists, but something just clicks for me with this track.

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