Saturday, November 3, 2007

All the handsome men are gay...

I had a job interview today. I say interview, but basically it was an induction and a chance to meet the head boss, as I'd pretty much been told I had the job. Although I think the job is a bit crap because a) it's for the same company the Chef works for, b) I have to wear man made fibre uniform and c) drive a hideous little van and pack peoples possessions, it's fairly decent pay and I think I get the chance to boss grown men around. Wicked.

Generally when I go for interviews, I get wildly excited at getting the chance to dress up, and, lets face it, act like a show pony. So I was a little nervous about heading to an early morning meeting with the boss in a company that only employs one other female, who is apparently a bit of a bush pig. What does one wear? Are heels going to be a bit much? If I wear too short a skirt, will I flash everyone when going up stairs? How shallow can I be? In the end I opted for my second favorite 'feel good' outfit. My usual ego booster is a cute little black button down dress, with bright red belt for that burst of energy. But today I was feeling a little blue, hence the shirt choice. I think it went down well, although I accidentally implied I receive money for taking my top off in public. I tend to babble a lot when nervous. Heck, who am I kidding, I'm always tripping over my tongue.

Here I am, emphasizing my usual lack of concentration (there was an insect on the wall).
And I thought I'd ad the one on the left, simply because I look like I have ManBoobs.

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