Monday, November 12, 2007

My (new) girl wants to party all the time.

I have a little bit to update.
Firstly, I love Christmas. Absolutely freaking adore it. So I can't help but share my excitement, which in turn leads me to this photo. My fireplace looks so merry, even if Santa may have trouble getting down it with it being blocked and all.

Secondly...I started my first day at my new job this morning. Well, practically in the middle of the night. I worked with a charming young lady named Shazza, who vomited profusely all morning.
Still, it wasn't as bad as I had feared, and I got paid to do a whole lot of nothing really.

And, I realize I've got a bit of a "Saving the World One Pet at a Time" thing going on, but I honestly didn't mean to end my first shift by bringing home another pet. I'm just sort of a magnet to these sorts of things. And the lady needed to get rid of her before tomorrow morning, so of course I said she could come home with me...the rabbit, not the lady.

She's happily ensconsed in my back bathroom until I get her hutch home tomorrow, and is busily eating her way through my entire stock of carrots and some corn flakes. If her appetite is anything to do by, she's clearly not too stressed by her move.

And, of course, she needs a name. Suggestions, people?
I've had a look at a few 'names for bunnies' websites, and there's some shockers, from Rabitus the Hoppitus the Furry the Fourth (what a mouthful!) to Floppy Puff Puff.
I'm thinking something like Domino, as she's steel grey and white, or maybe something a bit gay like Armani or Jazz.

Please note: She is far more adorable in 'real life'. The photos totally don't do her justice - she's got a whole heap of cute little dots on her back, and is incredibly soft (except her claws).

{UPDATE: There's a little poll thingy on the left hand side where you can register votes if you're too lazy to comment or give me something original!}

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Anonymous said...

Hey cool. Do I get a prize? I can't believe you got a rabbit. The word is NO. I bet you'll end up one of those crazy old ladies with a million pets that take over the house. Anywayz in regards to a name. Don't really like any of the suggestions, but it is hard to think up a name. How about Minnie, Foxy (as in fox dinner-just kids), Koda, Peanut (my snack motivation), Velcro, Malaena, Bree (short for breeding all the time I can), Noya (short for I'm gonna annoy you), Wormmit (a combination of getting worms and vomiting-nice), Fleur -close to flea. Like any of those.



Melisa said...

What is your job? I'm curious to know exactly what you do, since you can bring home a bunny AND be around vomit all day. LOL

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