Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Right beneath the sign with the dusty yellow stars

It's kind of sad that my mother thinks I am so 'grown up' she's downsized her home. It's not that I'm not happy she's enjoying her new home, it's more selfish than that. I miss having a place to run away to when I need some comfort, home cooked food and a good giggle over silly things only her and I understand.
I've kind of been upset by this for a while - I feel kind of neglected, to be honest - so I'm taking matters into my own hands.

If she thinks I'm so independent now, I'll just have to show I really am. Instead of packing my car with a spare pair of knickers and a few good books, I'm going to stuff my car with portable chairs, packets of noodles and a sleeping bag. No more going home to my stuffed toys, David Beckham posters & my single bed.

I'm going camping. Mum's back garden.

{And yes, that really is my local beach. See why I miss living there so much?}

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Melisa said...

GORGEOUS beach. I'm jealous!

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