Saturday, December 1, 2007

Minty Fresh

I'm off to Seah's girls night tonight, and I decided to bake some brownies to share with the ladies.
Usually, I make triple choc fudge, but today I decided to go a bit wacky, and made caramel fudge brownies - basically, they're kind of gooey with lines of sticky caramel sauce running through them. And, of course, I had to taste test them, although today is the start of my new diet. SO of course, now all I can think of is those darn brownies sitting on their cooling rack, chanting my name.

Note: I decided to add a photo of some brownies, as my own look a little bedraggled after I attempted marbling the caramel. And I wondered for a few moments why this specific photo (thank you, google images!) was named 'legal brownies', and why there was a mint leaf on the plate. I'll admit it. My first thought was of how damn tasty Mint Baileys Irish Cream is. Followed closely by MMMM! Mint brownies!

...I think perhaps that sprig is of an altogether different species of plant.

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