Sunday, December 9, 2007

Toofy Pegs

I've had a rather sleepless night, and as such, have no brain function to form a new post. So here's some archived ones from my old blog, which are still strangely appropriate.

I am getting one of my first Adult Teeth! Whoo Hoo!
Now, I've been checking all sorts of diagrams etc via the internet *pats Google lovingly* and apparently I am a freak. Kiddies only have 6 teeth at the top and bottom (either side), and I have 7 teeth at the top and bottom either side.
Now I have 7 and a little bit on my bottom left.
Surely it can't be a wisdom tooth, as I haven't got any adult teeth anywhere near it? I've only lost my front 4 at the top and bottom, so I have a grand total of 8 adult teeth in full.
Yes. I am a freak. We knew this allllll along.
But this diagram made me feel infinitely better.

See? Children grow at their own pace - it just seems mine are quite comfortable sitting pretty until the time I need false teeth.

(I wonder how many of you are now searching to find my age on this blog somewhere!).

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