Sunday, December 9, 2007

Early morning bitch fest.

I don't know if it's my natural state of PMS, the weather or whatever, but this really ticked me off. I just received an email from someone from eBay, and was curious, as I've been trying to rein in my addiction lately, and have not bought anything. It was from a girl I bought 2 shirts from (one of which I am wearing right now. I just got out of bed. Please note: it is revolting - and nothing like the photo I bid on). Anyway, she sent me a not very nice email, telling me I was a tight arse, and she would never sell me anything again.

I bought them 3 months ago, and never once went back to look at her new offerings.

She is unhappy because she didn't put a reserve on her clothing, and I bought the two tops for 99cents. So she decided, because I paid too little for them, that she would charge me an extra $10 on shipping, when it would originally have cost $2.10. This chick lives literally only a few miles from here, and the tops are light weight, tiny boob toobs - easily, and cheaply, posted. So I left her a positive feedback and said she was a rip off, and hoped she wouldn't notice and give me negative feedback. Hell, I did nothing wrong - but no. And now she's sending me abusive mail.

I'm beginning to think she's a Drunk Typer - like a Drink Dialler calling their ex, she instead gets Dutch courage and sends emails at 4am from people who wont randomly give her money like she thinks she deserves. If that's the case, I can think of a calling in life that might suit her, and it involves me being a bitch and her on a street corner.

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Kat said...

OMG that is horrible and one of the reasons why I hate Ebay. You can't trust people. The part about the "drunk typer" was hilarious though.

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