Monday, December 3, 2007

Overheard in...

Comment of the day:

Me: I want to move to America.
Alex: Oh. Permanently?
Me: Yep. I like it there.
Alex: How do you know you like it?
Me: I watch a lot of movies. Oh, and I've been to Los Angeles airport!
Alex: Oh! Well! I didn't realize you knew it so intimately!
Alex: (after a short pause) You know a lot of people are fat there, right?
Me: Really? Hmm. Wanna go get the new crispy chicken burger at Macca's now?

Not to beat last weeks Comment:

Mum: I saw two blonde guys get on the tram this morning. They were very attractive. Then I realized they were ladies. *leans in conspiratorally and whispers* I think they were lesbians.

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