Monday, December 17, 2007

Introducing obsessive mummy.

...I know, I know. I'm what might be referred to as 'obsessive'. But this little critter is so darn cute, and everything she does is so darn new and exciting! So far today, we've sat and watched a little bit of Pretty Woman. I know, I live a sheltered life; I've only seen snippets of it before. As I snuggled up in my blanket (yes, it's hot out. But I feel like poo.) she snuggled up in the little crevice in my elbow, and looked at me with her big, sleepy eyes and I just wanted to eat her all up. Or pat her lots, at least. Then the dogs noticed her - and she soon woke up and snarled and hissed and showed them who's boss. They seem fascinated with her in a very aloof way. I was then a tad worried she sleeps so much and contemplated calling someone to discuss my concern - until she proceeded to wake up and attempt to maul my breast, and claw her way up my underarm whilst shredding my shirt. She's fallen asleep again after she watched me load the dishwasher, and is tucked half under my bum while I type. I will try and limit my ranting from now on....but she's just so cute!

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