Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wicked Wednesday

I've had one of those golden days that don't come around often - the sort of day you wake up refreshed, happy with the world and with that strange mix of nervous excitement, like those few seconds you wake up and know something good is happening, yet can't quite recall what it is.

And it kept going. I had my interview/induction to the RSPCA, which I've been wanting to get into for ages, and it went super well. I start next Friday - I get to spend the day with Seah in the city in adorable new shirts, plastering the city with the Christmas Appeal posters (and then hopefully doing a spot of shopping/stuffing ourselves silly), then the following Friday doing the actual appeal. I can't wait. Next month I start my animal handling course, then I'll be helping with the dogs and barn animals weekly. I'm more than excited.

As soon as that was over, I rushed to Chadstone - and saw my bestest buddy, BB. We haven't caught up for nearly a year - since she moved to Queensland - and with her buying a house and all our general gossip, we had a lot of catching up to do. I love how we can just pick off like there hasn't been 11 months since we last giggled together. I also appreciate the fact we can act ridiculously childish, and have fun without the issue of being massively up ourselves, like so many lovely ladies our age, yet still have a level of decorum in public. Mostly.

We tried on lots of dorky sunglasses, drank Iced Coffee with Oreo's and stuffed ourselves with Krispy Kreme. So much for my diet - I won't think too deeply about the Fajita's I'm making for dinner, either. And we have some exciting plans for Monday night - a good giggle and gossip over drinkies and dinner over looking the gorgeous park, a hand of poker or two, and home for some Sex and the City and cocktails.

{I'm watching Nigella Lawson as I type - my lord she sounds naughty - every thing's juicy, moist or firm or has some kind of sexual connontation, and all those sideways looks at the camera are just downright randy.}


Kat said...

Sounds like you had the perfect day. I am happy as I read it.

Yes isn't Nigella the naughtiest TV Chef? Even as a married woman I just want to...well I digress hehe ^^

Melisa said...

What a fun day! And I LOVE Krispy Kremes that they made it to Australia!

Fun with old friends is the best.

Congrats on your induction! :)

Lesli said...

Just stopping by to say "hi". It sounds like you had the most perfect day! Iced coffees and Oreos and Krispy Kremes--it just doesn't get any better than that! Here is to more days like that.

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