Friday, December 28, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sahara checks out Eagles Nest on Christmas Day.

Day one of my Christmas break started off on Sunday, madly rushing down to my mum's 5 hours late after dropping off the cat and picking up a last minute gift, which so happened to be no where on my intended journey. After arriving, I quickly denounced any plans on sleeping in a tent - it was pouring outside. Even the dogs winter coats were wet from the hole in my boot ('trunk' for the American's) and so I chose to sleep inside. In the laundry. On the floor. Next day, rain hail or shine, I moved into the tent.

Some of my lovely presents.

Christmas Eve was spent doing last minute wrapping, eating much and watching the Edinburgh Millitary Tattoo on TV, staring at all my presents and squeezing them in turn.

...can't keep my eyes off 'em!

...after getting to bed early so I could wake up nice and early to open my presents, along came Christmas Day! I woke up at 7, and listened to the birds for a few moments, before bouncing on my bed for a few extra minutes then rushing inside to start the ripping and tearing! One of the sad things about growing up was the slight detour I needed to make to get my coffee made before I rested my poor old bones on the floor to begin my unwrapping. After handing out the appropriate presents to everyone, I soon had a lovely pile of torn paper and gorgeous presents in front of me, ranging from books to makeup, sexy undies to toy horses, magazines and a PS2, smelly stuff, board games, money and clothes, chocolates & photo frames, candles & 5 absolutely gorgeous handbags - the list goes on. But my most treasured is from the Chef - my very own Trail of Painted Ponies horse, which I get to paint myself. I'm trying to collect them, as they appear slightly more mature than my usual antique horses. After all the excitement, Chef left to his family do, Mum went to pick up Nan and I had the house to myself - and I spent an amazing morning having a long, luxurious bath with my new Frangipani bath stuffs, eating my all time favorite cereal which I ordered from the UK, and doing Suduko in the bath while Sahara ate all the bubbles from it. The bath, not the Suduko, I mean. Once we'd eaten our Christmas lunch, and dozed and digested thoroughly, my brother Brett and I took the pooches for a walk - it's the first time we've spoken for years really. It's not that we don't get on - we just had nothing in common really, and I rarely see him when I make trips home. So it was nice to wander along the beach, skimming stones and exploring the caves with him before heading back to see my Uncle for Christmas dinner. And then the mayhem started.

Eagles Nest on Christmas Day.

Brett received the usual boy toys for Xmas (yes, he's 27, but the fun of using foam darts etc to smack each other never ceases) and we were soon smashing balls and missiles all over the house, much to Mum's amusement (I say amusement. On reflection, it would be horror at the "no balls in the house!" rule being broken, but seeing how much fun my brother and I were having). My Uncle then produced a Badminton set, and soon Chef, Brett & I were all outside having hysterics attempting to hit the shuttlecocks. After scaling the fence and roof several times, we finally gave in to the flies, which were out in their thousands and all extremely friendly.

Brett & I do what we do best - be silly with toys!

Boxing Day was spent at my Nan's, with a massive roast, and my cousin and I attempting to master Hoola Hoops in the back garden. (I have a rather unattractive tan line on my left arm as a result). I then, predictably, went to the beach again, and let the dogs do some snorkeling while I digested my enormous lunch. Well, while I wore off the effects of my sugar high from all the brownies and fudge I'd eaten.

Boxing Day high jinks @ Shack Bay

The day after, the 27th, was the day my Grandfather died in 2003, and we usually have a family day and spend time with Nan, as it's quite emotional. I woke up quite teary and out of sorts, so I had a look at some cards Mum had given my from her Reiki group - they're similar to Tarot cards, and although not sure how much I believe in all of that, I did a reading - and the card said something along the lines of "A male relative from Heaven sends his love", which set me off some more. Nan ended up driving over with my uncle to spend the day with Mum, but I didn't stay long - Chef and I grabbed the boards and headed to the local surf beach, and spent the afternoon trying to remember how to surf. I haven't had so much fun for a long time, except having no wax was rather painful when I continued to slip and bang my hips onto the board. The bruises add nicely to the mozzie bites and sunburn. When we got home, I laid on the concrete in my wetsuit and roasted myself nicely to dry off.

Chef & I drying off on the way home from surfing.

Yesterday, the 28th, was spent eating some more, and painting and drawing horses with watercolor pencils, before walking across the road to the local art gallery. Anything to put off actually going 'home'. Eventually, Chef and I took the dogs for a final walk to the local beach, and spent ages looking in rockpools, hunting down baby crabs and letting the dogs go wild.

Relaxing @ Harmer's Haven

After packing all of our possessions, which seemed to have scattered themselves all over the place over the course of 5 days, we loaded the dogs and made the journey home.
All in all, I had a fabulous time, I loved spending time with my family, all my gorgeous new presents, and the beautiful times spent at the beach, and I'm sad it's all over for another year.
I hope everyone had as great a time as I did, and Christmas cheer to you all :)

I don't want to go home .


Kat said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas. Hope you're having a great time.

Susie said...

Your beach looks beautiful! Perfect place to spend Christmas :)

Melisa said...

Missed you!

You've been tagged!

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