Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slow Saturday

* Today seems to have gone on forever. It started off taxing my dear father around to do his chores - honestly, it scares me more and more when I see him and realize where my temper and various other traits come from. But - finally! - the enormous Huntsman spider has been located and forcibly removed from the Jeep. I can enter it without flipping the sun visors, spraying half a can of Baygon and being paranoid it will casually wander across my windscreen whilst I execute a U turn or some such.

* We purchased the most divine bed today. Think black studded leather, retro porn movie, uber bachelor pad meets modern cat scratching pole... yum. It gets delivered Wednesday...

* which is a good thing, seeing as I still have one more coat of Red Alert to splash all over the feature wall. We also (at LAST!) discovered the most incredible lamps from Dare Gallery, which were a third of the price of the hideous monstrosities we've been looking at for the past few weeks. I'm finally getting some kind of Katie-ish stamp on the house - although not quite as 'out there' as I'd like, damn conservative taste man friend!

* I had a much needed nanna nap this afternoon, and awoke to pouring rain. I actually had to dig out a jumper, I got so cold - it's bizarre that after a few days of 34c+, a warm 25c feels extremely chilly.

* After years of talking about it, Sarah and I are going to make a start on a project we hold very dear to our hearts. Hopefully if all goes well with our own personal attempts at awesomeness re: making adorable Christmas saddle pads and sleigh bell inspired bridle decorations for my two horses, we'll be more and more motivated to taking the plunge and designing our own range of gear for our pups and ponies.

* I watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Cmac this evening, and found it highly amusing. I'm craving a Will & Grace-athon, but my recorded episodes from the newly discovered Marry Me Friday's on Foxtel will have to do.

* I received an early Christmas present from my man yesterday - the camera I've been awaiting for Oh! So long. It's fabulous - and I can't wait to get snapping with the great macro settings it has. I heart close ups.

*...that's about it for my quiet Saturday and even more docile Saturday evening. Looking forward to a nice long ride on the horses with Cam in the morning, then birthday shopping for his god-daughter. They're never too young to get addicted to Barbie horses, right?

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