Monday, November 23, 2009

Boo! It's a present :)

I came home from a huuuuge walk with Phoenix (I must lose 5kg before NYE...I simply must) to a large parcel awaiting me on the doorstep. My first thought was 'eBay!' and then I scrapped that, as I'd already signed for my lovely big purchases earlier in the morning, and then I was reeeeally curious. If there's one thing I love, it's 'real' mail, and even better than 'real' mail is BIG mail (except, naturally, if that means it's a BIG bill. Yuk). In my enthusiasm to rip apart the packaging - I figured it was good practice for ripping my bigger Christmas gifts in a few weeks - I noticed the 'return to sender' address on the back, and gave a big squeal. 'Real' BIG mail from one of my favorite people, Boo! I must put a note here: Boo is actually Bec, a lovely and gorgeous girl from England who was buddies with my brother all through high school when we lived in the UK. They lost touch when we moved back to Australia, and one day, randomly, on Facebook, I received an email from said lovely and gorgeous girl, and we kinda clicked ourselves as I emailed her back saying I was, indeed, my brothers sister. We've emailed madly practically every day since, and I am proud to be able to call her one of my closest friends, even though I haven't seen her for *does some rapid mental arithmetic* hundreds of years. And, lets face it, I wasn't the most pleasant 8 year old running around back when I 'knew her', so I wouldn't suggest we were tight back in the day. In fact, due to her deep seated passion for Ice Hockey - something we both share - she often took my brother to ice hockey games, much to my horror and disgust - I couldn't imagine why my brother wouldn't let me tag along with them. (I must say, I worked that out for myself when I was 16 - who would want a chubby, irritating hanger-on-er-er following you around when you're so cool?) Anyway. I digress. In my parcel was a gorgeous card (see above!) which put a big smile on my fact, some cute British lollies & toys and...

Katie the Kitten Lindt chocolates. When we first 're-met' via email, I started calling Bec 'Beccy Boo Boo Boo'*, which was shortened to Boo, and she soon knew me simply as Kitten. So not only are these gorgeous little bits of kitty chocolate adorable AND delicious, they also put a massive grin on my face when I saw they were, in fact, my very own.

I cannot wait to fly on over to England in July and finally 'meet' my Boo again. And not only that... be in her wedding party! I am so thrilled to be planning our trip over - in the meantime, I need to get my ass in shopping mode and find her an equally adorable 'Aussie' gift for her!

*If you've seen How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, you'll get this.

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Becca the Brit! said...

Yay that your post was about the Blighty bits I sent you - so pleased that they brought a smile to your face! Love you muchly!

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