Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had my interview today for my vet school application. I was super nervous, and practised possible answers to possible questions the whole way up, in between singing bits of Queen songs to calm my nerves. Once I got there, and had a chat with the various lizards, taxidermied birds of prey and quietly avoided the strange people I was waiting with, I calmed down a little bit, and was quietly pondering how I could place Betty, the Shingle Backed Lizard in my handbag when I was called in. I must say, it went fabulously well - a million times better than I had expected. I clicked with one of the women interviewing me right away, and by the time I'd pulled out photos of the dogs, cats, rats, birds, fish and horses I own and was merrily chatting about my large family, I knew I was set. Unfortunately, I won't know for sure until January 27th - and will actually start on January 28th if I am successful - as they have to give first preference to school leavers applying directly, rather than a mature age student like myself (MATURE age? AhahahHAHAhaHAhahAHA...). Still, I did my absolute best, and felt it went as well as humanly possible, and short of absolutely guaranteeing me a position, I know I made a great impression and will be offered the first place available if one comes up.

I had a lovely dinner with my Cam and Seah tonight to celebrate, and am looking forward to a good long nights sleep and an early morning ride before my new bed gets delivered tomorrow. Squeal! I also have to fit in my 3rd and final coat of Red Alert before it arrives... so the earlier to bed, the better. Night!

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