Saturday, November 7, 2009

RRRR Robbie....

Anyone who knows me remotely well, will know of my deep, unnatural and consuming addiction to all things Robbie Williams. (The closest of the close will, unfortunately, understand this obsession stems from my unhealthy fascination with the British boy band, Take That. And yes, it's still going on strongly behind closed doors. My mother bought me their latest DVD yesterday, which evoked a rather loud attack of the squeals in the Audio section of Kmart...but I digress).

I have waited, and waited, and waited for his new album. For three. Whole. Years.

When I heard a teaser for the 2nd single to be released off the forthcoming album - You Know Me - I was simply gagging for more. I tried every possible outlet to get my sweaty mitts on it early - and no, I was not above illegal downloading, bribing the sales guy in Sanity, and scouring every corner of the internets I could. Alas, I couldn't get a version of good enough quality. Until yesterday, when the album, Reality Killed The Video Star, was released, and I made my way merrily to the nearest store I could. In a horrific twist of events, I'd left my wallet in Cameron's car, and had to wait until FOUR P.M to get said sweaty mitts on the CD.

Was the wait worth it? I'm not altogether sure. I've had it on practically non stop since Robbie came home with me last night, and all throughout this morning, but only one thing is for certain.

I am as in love with this song as I knew I would be. In. LOVE.

- Give it some time to load. Totes worth it.

... honestly, when the film clip is as fabulous as the man himself, who could not be head over heels?

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