Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm back from Oaks Day, and I'm a little worse for wear. I scarfed down some Alfredo and am ready for a good nights sleep (It's 8:56pm, as an indication of how ordinary I am feeling), but remembered Ah! I have to blog!

I have no ability to think for myself currently, so will share a pearl of wisdom from my new-found favorite show, Will & Grace. How had I never been addicted to this before? Damn sheltered childhood! This line in particular had me rolling around in hysterics (or would have, had the thought alone not sent me into convulsions of nausea)

"I know what guilt is. It's one of those touchy-feely words that people throw around that don't really mean anything. You know, like 'maternal' or 'addiction'.


In other news, the dress I'd been long awaiting from eBay arrived yesterday, and was the size of a small tent. Seriously, I could take shelter under it in a storm - along with both dogs, a cat and a picnic hamper - and still not get damp. I didn't realize an American size 10 was so different to an Aussie 10 - le sigh. Still, I guess I could cut the arms off, edge it with something pretty and use it as a rug. No, but really. There's no way a US 10 can be that big. Damn eBay people!

OK, bed time. Tomorrow marks the end of my Spring Carnival, and the start of my quitting smoking, cutting back the drinks and jumping back on my healthy eating jaunt. Good job I went out with a bang today - although 10 scotches, a vodka Cruizer, a lot of wine and a vast array of snazzy hors d'ourves (..and (3) mini chocolate mousses and an adorable rosebud adorned cupcake...) was a little on the greedy side, even I'll admit. Still, I'm sure my churning stomach will abate, and the room will stop spinning eventually. Ah, Spring Carnival, how I'll miss you!

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