Monday, November 9, 2009

..10..or 11?

Today was another great day. I made the long trek home to my mums, and enjoyed a day giggling and chatting and trying not to melt in the 34 degree heat. As soon as I got home - my (black and therefore extremely hot) air con in the car is not working, and I was fried - I threw myself into the pool, which was heaven. How on earth did I live without that in previous Summers? After checking the horses were OK - and feeding them about a kilo if carrots each - Cam and I cooked ourselves some more on the balcony at the pub, then took the dogs for another beautiful beach walk and watched another majestic sunset. Looking forward to dinner with some of my favorite people, at one of my favorite places tonight. It's made for Summer, and overlooks the sea and boat berths, and is completely gorgeous. I plan on taking lots of photos!

Speaking of, I got my race day pics put on a CD today (I lost my camera connection in the move...sigh) and just uploaded them. As my computer's being completely uncooperative in the heat, I'll have to stick them on here after I take my dad to his hip replacement surgery (not quite sure how I feel about him going in for major surgery; more on that tomorrow, perhaps), but for now, my favorite:

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Melisa with one S said...

Great pic! I love the motion that your dress has!

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