Monday, November 23, 2009

The Grand Plan

This is this skirt I was discussing in my previous post:

... I wondered what I would wear it with last night, for my big plans for NYE - then this morning, like a lovely little angel had been listening to my ponderings, I received an email from Wittner, clearly displaying the most perfect, fiercely fabulous heels to accompany my skirt. See? And they're named "Spankin". I like it.

Throw on a belt like this...(I'm thinking of making one myself, actually, but that might be slightly disastrous to say the least) and then some cutesy black jewelry like this bracelet (of which various searches has failed to find me anything overly fantastic, shame on you, Google),

find myself a cute little clutch (hello, Ebay!) and I think I shall be ready!

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