Monday, November 16, 2009

Seeing Red

I've been feeling somewhat disturbed by the fact my house doesn't feel much like my home. To me, my house should represent security and happiness and comfort, feel like a sanctuary and as though it envelopes me in a big hug when I step through its doors. And although various websites suggest the best way to achieve ambiance is by using soft, pastel colours and creating harmony, I kind of went the other extreme. Cam came home to find the bedroom awash with color...
..and also came home with a present of his own, these beautiful (insert name of flower here). One of those freaky moments where we seem to have shared a thought pattern - these flowers are not far off identical to the color of the wall I painted today.

In other news... I spent hours traipsing around looking for lamps whilst I waited for my dad to arrive at his home where I was waiting with his rehabilitation chairs/stools etc, and I had a great time with my girl tonight - we went and played with the ponies together, and she introduced herself to a very handsome gelding I've been admiring for a long time. If only we could spend our nights and weekends riding off into the sunset! Perfection :)


Melisa with one S said...

I LOVE that wall color!!

Andie said...

that is awesome. I love that you guys were on the same wavelength! :)

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