Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Cam came home from work early today, and we drove down to Red Hill to visit some wineries. We passed a few lovely hours tasting wines, eating wood fired pizza (totally to die for!) and sampling some more wine, a nice pinot gris from T'Gallant. It was a perfect afternoon.

I get sent this sort of thing via MMS. Someone needs to be taught that taunting me isn't a very good idea, and will, inevitably, end in tears.

These cupcakes were the 'dessert' at our marquee on Oaks Day (as well as tiny chocolate mousses, which were also delcious - I had 4 - but not as adorable as these). They were so darn good, I consumed 4 of these, too. But not the rose. I didn't know if that bit was edible, and it smelled kind of funky.

We put the Christmas tree up on the weekend, and were slightly worried how The Devil Incarnate Taj would handle all manner of sparkly, bulbous decorations, but after a thorough investigation of the tree itself, she seems content simply to stare at it.

My boys sharing a cuddle at sunset. They rock my world.

Damn straight, we're hot little elves. On Dancer, on Prancer - Mush! that you trapped in that vending machine...?!?

...and finally...
Darcy and I this evening :)
(I really must photoshop me out of that picture...ick!)

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