Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ahh, shopping. I heart it.

Which means, naturally, I was champing at the bit to get to the new, 60,000 square metre DFO at South Wharf (How has this been open for over a month and I've yet to visit it?). After our arrival, and splurge on all things 'preppy' at American Cargo, we were evacuated whilst waiting in line with our purchases in the second store we visited. Evacuated! We pondered why this may have been - bomb threat, gas leak, God's way of telling us the credit cards were maxed? Either way, it turned out well - we were soon nibbling on deliciously scrumptious club sandwiches and sipping wine at the Hilton while we waited to get our shop back on. (Sidenote: I wasn't super impressed with the Hilton's tapas/wine bar. The food and drink itself was fabulous, but the building...meh. There was an egagement party in full swing whilst we were there, and I mentioned to Cam that it certainly wouldn't be my first choice of venue for a function. It seemed a bit... outdated and boring? I was expecting a more uber modern, arty kind of feel...alas).

Once we were back in the cavernous maze that is DFO, we lost all form of time, direction and sanity (I speak for myself here, but once Cam realized the gorgeous shirts in Guess were heavily discounted, I must admit I did see a slightly demonic gleam in his eye...).

I purchased the most adorable tutu skirt, practically identical to Carrie's in the opening credits on S&TC... ...which I have every intention of rocking out in New Years Eve, along with the new shoes I purchased from the Wittner outlet. Yes...WITTNER, otherwise known as The Mecca to Sarah and myself. Cam did suggest they look slightly like crazy lady desert boots, whatever that means, but I choose to think they are simply fabulous.

I also purchased something I know Sarah will adore for Christmas, along with a wall decal of the Eiffel Tower (to match the massive print I have above the fireplace, and various items of jewelry depicting the statue I have) I plan on putting in my walk in robe, once I've finished painting it.

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day, topped off with a scrummy roast dinner and immediately after this, reading my favorite bits of the Sunday Herald in bed with a cuppa.

Hope your weekend has been as fun :)

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