Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's too hot to recall dates.

I am officially about to catch fire. I've come back from a gorgeous sunset walk and swim down the beach (still packed with hundreds of tourists, and I'm used to having it all to myself. Imposters!) with the dogs, and the air con's yet to be freezing enough for my liking. It's been another hard day - spending the morning at the local market, picking up ridiculously cheap plants and snuffling through trash (no treasure). Cam and I very nearly came home with an axolotle, but refrained. After a tough morning relaxing in the pool, we ventured the the shops and as a result, spend a tough afternoon relaxing in the pool on inflatable lilos. And sipping cocktails whilst reading a Cathy Kelly novel. Very tough.

I actually had a whole plan of brilliance I was going to type out tonight, but instead - this meme I stole from the lovely Andie at Sweet. Southern. Spirited.

1.Where is your cell phone: Potentially on my bed under a large pile of clothes. I tend to misplace it on weekends, once I've had a long chat with Mum, have Cam only inches away and know Sarah is A-Ok.

2.Your hair: is how it was when I left the beach, wavy and tousled - el naturale, a freaky occurrence for me.

3.Your mother: One of my favorite people, and best friends. She's brave, and strong, and funny, and has the best imagination of any one I know; something I'm discovering isn't a given in everyone.

4.Your father: Is a mystery to me. I don't really know him, and now he's getting older and having medical problems, my anger towards him seems to be melting into sympathy. It scares me a little.

5.Your favorite food: Cheese, smothered in potatoes, or vice versa. I'm also in love with tandoori chicken salad, and anything from TGI's.

6.Your dream from last night: I wouldn't suggest I had any - I had the worst nights sleep I can ever recall, all thanks to my horrible hayfever.

7.Your favorite drink: Currently, the incredibly wonderful fresh mango daquiris I make. And vanilla infused Rooibos tea. It always calms me down.

8.Your dream/goal: To be happy, and learn to know what it takes to make that happen. Also, to show jump my horses next year.

9.What room are you in: The study.

10.What is your hobby: Riding, reading, writing.

11.What is your fear: Death.

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years: See 8, but add 'really, really well' to the last bit.

13.Where were you last night: At Cam's sisters house, enjoying a BBQ, the balmy evening, and a bottle of Moet & Chandon.

14.Something you are not:

15.Muffins: There appears to be one hanging over the only pair of jeans I fit in. It makes me sad.

16.Wish list items: The Will & Grace complete box set, longer hair, all manner of pretty and expensive things for my ponies, and a credit card lovingly bestowed on me for all the other things I'll think of later.

17.Where did you grow up: A small coastal town, hiding from my daddy.

18.Last thing you did: Asked Cam for a response to 'What am I not?'

19.What are you wearing: A brown, loose 'tent' dress befitting the stinking hot temperature in the study. It's the perfect dress for the beach, fat days, and spilling things on oneself.

20.Your TV: Was a whooole lot bigger until we bought this big house, where it looks tiny against the wall.

21.Your pets: Are numerous, and the reason I get "Oh! You're Cam's girlfriend - the one with all those animals!" instead of "Oh! You're Cam's girlfriend - gosh, you're even sexier in person!"

22.Your friends: Are few, but fabulous.

23.Your life: Is currently completely, utterly, fantastically amazing, and I love where I am and where I (hope) it will take me.

24.Your mood: Content to the point of smug.

25.Missing someone: My Grandad. It's been a weird week of that.

26.Vehicle: When I don't pinch the MX5, I have my very own sexy beast of a car named Eli, who arrived home only recently. He's a handsome, black Jeep Wrangler, and I love him.

27.Something you're not wearing: Jewelry other than body piercings. I just got back from the beach.

28.Your favorite store: I like ANY store, but I must admit, Wittner Shoes and Myer for my Wayne Cooper fix are current faves.

29.Your favorite color: Right now, coral, tangerine and watermelon.

30.When's the last time you laughed: just before, reading the hilarious updates on Wedinator.

31.When's the last time you cried: Yesterday, when I had a major meltdown about my weight, and fitting in not a single article of my Summer clothes. Shallow, much?

32.Your best friend: My beautiful man (Cmac), my girl (Seah) and my mummy.

33.One place you go over and over: The long drive home. It's beautiful, but exhausting.

34.One person who emails me regularly: Should be in my list for #32, the lovely Beccy Boo.

35.Favorite place to eat: Brighton Sea baths. It's the place Cam and I had our first date, and it's nice being a snob for a night.

...right, time to lay in front of the aircon and raid the freezer for sorbet.


Sue said...

Fun new facts I just learned about you!!! I hope you cool off soon!!!!!!!

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Don't feel too bad about it.. the heat is taking it's toll on all of us.

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