Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I really must learn to blog in the morning. By the time I get on here at night, my brain is mush and my body aching for bed, and all those amusing anecdotes I had prepared throughout the day seem to have wandered off somewhere.

I hauled my weary butt out of bed woke up early and rushed off for the farrier, who for once was early and waiting for me to bring the boys up. After having a few giggles with him, and admiring the horses lovely, freshly trimmed feet, I headed home for a few minutes before my play date with Cam's niece, Gracie. I offered to fill in for her Mum for an hour while she was at work, and Grace and I had a lovely walk around the park, chatting with the ducks (who happened to be seagulls, but I guess at a 18 months old that's a bit of a mouthful) and wearing her out playing on the slide. For having never so much as picked a child up (OK, there may have been once or twice) and having no idea how one keeps them alive and/or entertained, I do a fabulous job with G, even if I do say so myself. The fact her parents seem more than happy to continue to lend her to me buoys my confidence slightly. And, to be honest, she likes me a whole lot more than her old Uncle Frogga!
Sidenote: It worries me slightly skeezy workmen check me out just as much when I have a small infant attached to my hand/am merrily strolling along with her pram. Shudder.

Once I dropped the Spawn off in one piece, I met Cam at home and we drove on up to the city to hand in my Vet school application personally, and pick up my Members pass for the Oaks Day Extravaganza at the races tomorrow. I am super excited - and nervous in equal measure - as I wait to see if I get short listed for the course and will start the interview process. I can only imagine the personal, hand written reference from the head vet at Werribee Open Range Zoo and the fabulous note from the RSPCA (thanks, Seah!) will do wonders for my chances. Fingers crossed!

After we ran our errands, I took Cam to one of my favorite places to eat, and we proceeded to stuff ourselves silly and snuggle like teenagers in our booth. He didn't seem to believe me - having never been to the Asian capital of the city - what kind of horrific - yet deeply entertaining - goodies one can find in the shops, and after we practically wet ourselves laughing over the Mail Order Bride catalogues we made our way home, with a quick stop off to buy not one, but two, fabulous dresses for me to wear tomorrow. All I need to do now is decide which gorgeous ensemble to wear, and locate some equally darling accessories and shoes...but for now, it's time to walk my poor, neglected puppies, who have been telling me. quite plainly, they haven't had any attention today.

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