Friday, December 19, 2008

Week Recapped.

They don't look particularly attractive at this stage; however, after a little oven time they truly lived up to their name - Sverre's Best Ever Enchiladas.

Tuesday night Sarah, Sverre and I took the pooches for a run at The Bog Of Eternal Stench, where both the dogs and ourselves were completely and utterly drenched with said Bog. We didn't last there too long; the lure of Sverre's Best Ever Enchilada's was too great. After a quick change of clothes (I mentioned the Bog, right?) we decided it would be best to walk to Sverre's - a sort of preemptive workout to get rid of all the Mexican. As we wandered, we found a big patch of Pussy Willows, and quickly set about using them as swords and tickling devices, whilst arguing over whether they're called Pussy Willows, or Pussy Feet. I'm taking the Willow stance, and did so during many heated arguments regarding their name during the night. After several hours of disorganized chaos, dinner was ready - and it certainly lived up to it's name. I fear Sverre may not be able to rid us from his house in the near future if he continues to treat us to such Mexican delicacies.

The dance-floor, pre the crowds of 17 year olds people arriving.

Wednesday was spent in the hair salon having my re-growth attended to by a truly entertaining girl, who kept me on my toes and in fits of giggles for the three hours it took to do so. Naturally, I was running horribly late for dinner with my old school friend, Davo, but fortunately the sun was still out by the time I arrived and we say on the deck with some beers and soaked up the last of it. As we were munching our way through dinner, I noticed a flyer on the table announcing DJ John Course would be live upstairs that very night, which obviously mean I got super excited and wanted to stay and have a listen. 9pm came around, and I was ready for bed. By the time I got to 3am however, I was having a fabulous time carving up the dancefloor and didn't want to leave. I'm definitely keen to check him out again at Solar Festival on the 3rd January. Would anyone care to join me?

My pretty new Ladakh dress. All I need now is a shield and a chariot and I can go into battle.

I had a lovely time at dinner last night. It's somewhat comforting to know I'm not an enormous bush pig all the time, and can in fact be let loose on the general public sometimes.
And for some strange reason, I have Heart Shaped Box running through my head as if on loop, and every time I think about it, I giggle. I know what I'm adding to my playlist today.

There's been intermittent forms of Christmas shopping throughout the week, as well as trying to arrange what day I shall be packing up my tent and heading down to Mums (please, don't let it rain for the week...!) but I'm somewhat failing to get organized on both accounts. Le sigh.
I have every intention of getting the last of my presents out the way this afternoon, having a quick dinner with Chef (whom I haven't seen for over a week and need to sort some things out with) and a very early night. And maybe make time for a bath in there somewhere, too. Lovely.

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Melisa said...

Nice! Sounds like a good week to me. That's great!

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