Monday, December 15, 2008

Commando crawling, cake cutting and Christmas curiosity.

I know it's not a great shot, but to see Nan having a giggle again after the events of the day made me smile. As did my cake. Mmm. Cake.

Yesterday was somewhat emotionally exhausting . I woke up (as we're aware from this post)and ran to the shops to purchase some last minute gifts for my Nan, and arrived home to Chef's entire family sitting in my lounge room watching fishing on TV. Naturally, I ran for the hills - well, at least to Mum's, anyway. Once I arrived, I headed straight for Tiny Kitty, and had a little wrestling match with her before my cousin and uncle arrived a few minutes later. Just as we sat down to munch on some much-needed lunch, the phone rang, and my uncle answered it. As soon as he said "are you ok?", all our ears pricked up and listened in - I think we all knew it was Nan. He hung up shortly after, and said she had a fall, gone to bed and didn't want us to go over to see if she was alright. At this point, my cousin, Susan, and I both jumped up, grabbed the car keys and headed out the door without any further ado. We both know how stubborn Nan can be, and that taking a nap when one is in shock isn't the best idea. We hopped in the car, and attempted some light conversation for a few moments, but couldn't really concentrate; so we launched into our plan of attack, and each possible scenario that might await us when we got to Nans after the 40 minute car ride. We made it in half that, and as I flung myself over the back gate and around the back of her house to her bedroom window to see if I could break in any where, she managed to get up and open the front door. Relief washed over us both, as I think we'd both been expecting to have to break down some doors and rush in to call an ambulance. I must admit, I was horribly worried and extremely stressed the entire trip - memories of how our Grandad died kept coming back to me, and I was so anxious to make sure Nan was alright. It turns out she'd been climbing on top of an old chair to get a jumper down from the top of the wardrobe, and the chair had fallen over; she hit her back on the wall, then on the edge of the bed as she landed. She couldn't get up, and had to inch her way over to the emergency button (which we are extremely glad she finally agreed to having) as she'd just taken it off to get changed into said jumper. She asked for an ambulance, as she was unable to stand, and apparently had a gay old time with the rather sexy paramedic named Nigel. Trust Nan to be such a minx in such a situation. She was very shaken, and very sore when we arrived, but we stuffed her full of hot tea and had a good giggle about Nigel, Chef stuffing my DVD player with hidden cameras because he thinks I'm having an affair and so on and so forth. We ended up having her birthday dinner a little late, and enjoying the delicious cake I made, before Mum drove me back to her house to pick up my car. On the way, we had a good old chat, and ended up driving all over her town and getting somewhat lost in the search of pretty Christmas lights. I ended up staying until nearly midnight, giggling and squeezing all my Christmas presents, playing soccer with the kitten and unwinding after the rather stressful day we'd both had. Although it didn't turn out exactly as planned, it made me really rather weepy to know us girls can band together when we need to, and that I have truly got the best mother and nanna in the world. I don't know what I'd do without them - and I can't wait to head down with my tent in a few days and set up camp for another (hopefully) brilliant Christmas with them.

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