Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My poor broken girl...again.

Las Thursday - night of the hilariousness at TGI's - I came home and Sahara was in the hallway. Usually she's been sneaky and will be snuggled in my bed, so I knew something was up. When I got her to stand up, she could barely walk - I knew straight away she'd done her leg, but I'd been praying she'd simply strained it. I couldn't look at her today without seeing she was not her usual self, so I took her to the vet - and they immediately sedated her and took her in for Xrays.

She's completely fucked her leg.

She goes in for surgery next week.

They don't know how she did it. They said there was nothing more I could have done - she might have slipped slightly, or even laid on it funny.
Whilst I was waiting for the vet to speak to me about possible surgery options, I sat cross legged on the floor with Sahara on my lap as she was so groggy and kept falling over, and I let myself have 5 minutes of complete and utter misery and feeling sorry for myself.
Although it's not the end of the world, it feels a bit like the end of my life. I was so happy to have this horse job, but now I'll need to be with her full-time again it doesn't seem viable to be able to do it, and it's going to be difficult over Christmas and so on and so forth.
And then I looked at my gorgeous girl who couldn't even hold up her head, and I snapped out of it.
I'm back to Mummy Mode. I gave her big cuddles, gave her some liver treats to nibble on then let her chose any toy she wanted, and she picked a hideous red pig from the display, and carried it outside and hasn't let it go since, as you can see from the photo.

I just cant help feeling like I've let her down, or haven't done absolutely everything I could to keep her happy and healthy. I feel like a bad mother.


Kat said...

Oh that's horrible. Poor Sahara. I hope her surgery goes well. Keep us updated.

And no you're not a bad mommy.

Melisa said...

Of course you're not a bad mommy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her surgery!!!!

And that is one of the cutest photos I've EVER seen. She is so adorable.

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